10 Creative light switches to enhance your home decor

Cool Light Switches

When we talk about switches the normal picture that forms in our mind is of a square box that has been wedged with plastic buttons. The monotonous buttons are responsible for brightening up our places and giving our beloved dwellings a new life when dusk sets in or while cooking in the kitchen. They are the most important part of all households, office areas, research labs and shopping areas as well. But, we hardly bother about the way they are styled while buying one. Below is a list of ten creative light switches that will enhance your home decor like never before.

1. Berker switch

berker switch

Switches by Berker will make your eyes sparkle with happiness instantly. The glittery switches have been made using Swarovski crystals that will shine with all their worth and add a special touch the area they are wedged in. The Swarovski Light Switches will leave onlookers awestruck with their beauty and elegance. They are very stylish and will make switching the lights on and off nothing but luxurious. The shell has been fitted with an optical detection system that also helps controlling other items in the house. The Swarovski Light Switches by Berker come coated with a lot of style and are definitely class apart.

2. Tio


People are trying to find different ways to conserve energy while performing everyday tasks. Tim Holley has designed a cute looking light switch named Tio that will help children learn practical lessons about energy conservation at an early age. Tio Light switch has been shaped like a ghost and will give kids a visual reminder about how much energy is wasted when lights are left on. When lights are left on for less than an hour the switch turns green and has a smiling face and if the time increases till 4 hours the ghost-shaped light switch looks shocked and turns yellow. And, if by any change the lights are left on for more than 8 hours the ghost gets in an angry mode and turns red.

3. Energy savings light switch

Off light switch

Energy Savings Light Switch will help you save energy in an innovative yet intelligent way. It works like a small piggy bank that has a small junction box behind the glossy plate. This will save all the coins that you slip through the slit and save them for rainy days. It is a simple yet interesting way to switch lights on and off.

4. Sentido switch

Sentido switch

Sentido Switch is touch-sensitive and is a great creation in this technology driven world. Its surface, which is multi touch sensitive, is capable of performing various tasks that is directly related to where or how you touch the surface. The center of this nicely crafted switch has been fitted with multi colored LED that can be programmed to shine in a specific color as per a user’s whims and fancies. You can pick it from a variety of color options that match your taste or interiors. The best part is it also has an embedded temperature sensor.

5. Remote-controlled light switch

remote-controlled light switch

The Areaware Light Switch will please all lazy souls as it comes with a remote control. This means no more getting off the couch or bed just to brighten up or darken your room. The golden colored remote-controlled light switch comes enclosed in a Lucite Box. If you are already imagining getting one for your place then get ready to shell a good $250 for this on-off switch, which obviously will give the power of a remote in your hands. But, if you like silver more than gold then there is a silver colored option which will just cost $150.

6. MAGI light and switch

MAGI light and switch

MAGI Light and Switch is an innovative creation by Liang Yung. All you have to do is rotate the power switch and see the lamp fitted on the ceiling unfurl to show the mystical light. It will feel as if the sun is shining right above you and soaking you with its golden rays.

7. Die electric

Die Electric

Off light switch is an ingenious creation by Die Electric that is owned by Scott Amron. The switch has been shaped like a hook, just like the one you would use to hang clothes. Now the deal is either you get to switch on the light or hang your coat/jacket. The switch is a little funny but definitely is an out of the box idea.

8. Green light switches

green light switches

If you are eco-conscious and hate the idea of wasting energy then the Green Light Switches’ Rotative Light Switch will leave you impressed. The switch will display negative and positive signals that will aptly represent the use of energy. These simple mathematical symbols will display a visual feedback and will inject your senses with an idea to save energy.

9. Intuitive touch sensitive panel

Intuitive touch sensitive panel

Revio is a modern day invention that features intuitive touch sensitive panels. It has been blessed with cool looks that comes draped with eight program buttons. These pre-set functions vow to save energy and add a touch of magnificence to the spaces they are positioned in. Users can flexibly choose icons from their favorite photographs and also the text language they are comfortable with. The contemporary switch board has been designed by Firsthand Design.

10. Basalte touch sensitive switches

Basalte Touch Sensitive Switches

These trendy touch sensitive switches are an impressive creation by Basalte. They will prove to be a tasteful addition to your home and is quite simple to use. Simply touch the edge or swipe your finger over it and switch on and off the lights the touch-sensitive way. The entire surface of Basalte Touch Sensitive Switches is sensitive and is perfect for a contemporary setup.

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