10 Remote control lighting systems to ensure easy handling

Remote control lighting systems

The world is advancing toward automation. Even the home appliances are not lagging behind. Gone are those days, when you have to walk to the corner of your room to switch on and off your lights. This rapid development in lighting comfort is due to the modern remote switches.

Now you might need an expert guidance to choose one for you. Here is a list of 10 remote control lighting systems to ensure easy handling.

1. A Scene Switch

Scene Switch

It is also known as Room controller. Made by HLC products, thus system can control all lights in a room or an area where you can access the remote. It may be used to turn on, off, dim or brighten the lights. It is capable of handling up to seven UPB switches and is a simple lighting control. It can also change your light setting with time of day or usage of phones or TV.

2. Family of OLED lamps

Family of OLED lamps

These are like decorative lamps. It blooms and contracts like a flower. The light comes out of the surface of lamp creating a uniform glow. It can adapt with user needs via remote lighting control with touch screen interface. They are very energy efficient and can be programmed according to your needs.

3. LEDSAUR desk lamp

LEDSAUR desk lamp

It is a decorative showpiece depicting a dinosaur. The lighting designs are made of stainless steel and LED lamps, which glow with complete user control. It is connected with a remote controlling device to let you control. The dinosaurs light have flexible joints, which also can be controlled by the remote to brighten up your surroundings in different ways.

4. Bang lamp

Bang lamp

This lamp will certainly make you feel like Clint Eastwood. It comes with a remote gun that you can point on your light and pull the trigger. The sound of the gun controls the switching of the lights. You want to go to sleep, just point the gun at your lamp and shoot to switch it off and knock the lamp to a side. It is a concept design but it works like a clap switch, so one can be hopeful that it will be in your home soon.

5. Philips LivingColors v2

Philips LivingColors v2

Living Colors V2 is second-generation lighting by PHILIPS. It consists of seven LEDS that can display 16 million colors making it possible to create ambiance of anything you like via the remote. The living colors V2 comes with both traditional transparent and new opaque look.

6. LED furniture

LED furniture

The LED furniture is a new generation trend. It allows you to change the color of your furniture to one you like via the remote. You can choose its traditional aesthetic look or you simply switch it on and change its color to suit your mood. It comes with all kind of finishes. You can opt for wood, metal or plastic variant.

7. Flame Free Candle

Flame Free Candles

You want a candle lit romance and yet you want to switch on your ceiling fan, the idea is very tough to maintain in hot countries like India. However, with these lamps you can have an endless romantic experience. It comes with three sizes of 6”, 9” and 12”each with on top LED lamps of different power. These candles have real flame like appearance with remote controlled switches. It has burn time of 200 hours and a low operational cost.

8. Eclipse


You can mimic your own solar eclipse in your room. The LED light comes with five different modes with five different shapes mimicking the lunar eclipse. You can just change the light via the remote to suit your mood.

9. Universal remote controller

Universal remote controller

The universal remote controller can not only control all the lights in your house but also control all the remote working appliances you have installed. You can relax on your bed and turn on your TV or your music system changing your light mode to suit your needs. The remotes come with User Interface that helps you to choose the device that needs control. It also has a magnetic charging stand.

10. Be05 remote

Be05 remote

It is also a universal remote with Master Link Gateway to control both Audio-Video appliances and home automation. It has a sensitive tap pad that can be pointed to a light or your TV to switch on and off. It is different from other remotes in a sense that it is not limited only to AV applications. You can install numerous automation in your homes and let your remote Be05 system take control over them.

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