10 dishwasher concepts for effortless and hygienic cleaning

Dishwasher concepts

A dishwasher is a mechanical device which is used for cleaning dishes and utensils. Dishwashers are used at places where there are a large number of utensils to be cleaned. These places include restaurants and homes where joint families live.

Here is a list of ten dishwasher concepts which will make cleaning dishes and utensils effortless as well as hygienic:

1.) Electrolux Wind Washer Dishwasher Concept


The Electrolux Wind Washer Dishwasher is an innovative concept which makes the conventional way of washing dishes using water obsolete. This concept makes the use of high pressure stream of air to do the work. There are three broad stages of cleaning the dishes. First, a high pressured stream of air will blow away any leftover food crumbs on the dishes. Second, a steam will be applied to degrease the plates and finally, the dishes will be sterilized using UV light. The drawback is that this concept can not be used to clean the whole bunch of utensils of a typical family. It is best for people who live alone.

2.) Concept Dishwasher by Marie-Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard

Concept Dishwasher

Designed at the University of Quebec in Montreal by Marie – Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard, this wall hung dishwasher will turn your kitchen into a rainfall. This concept uses a wall hung rack where you can place your dishes and utensils and just turn on the dishwasher. The dishwasher unit will move across the rack cleaning all the utensils and dishes on the rack, just like the head of an old dot matrix printer.

3.) Bubble Dishwasher

Bubble Dishwasher

The bubble dishwasher is an innovative concept dishwasher which uses bubbles to wash the dishes and makes cleaning the utensils effortless. All you need to do is submerge this bubble dishwasher in the sink and there you go. The dishwasher is cylindrical in shape and has pores all over it to produce bubbles. The user is also guided bu an LED indicator light which turns blue when the washing is being done and green when the washing is over. The dishwasher comes with a rechargeable Lithium ion battery which allows it to work under submerged condition.

4.) Eco Vessel Autoclave

Eco Vessel Autoclave

Eco Vessel Autoclave ( EVA, in short) is a concept which would best suit for users who have small area to live in. This dishwashers uses the overhead space to get the work done. This dishwasher concept uses steam to get things done, which is environmental friendly. EVA recycles the water vapors while cleaning the dishes so that it uses minimum water. The design is made such that you do not have to bend or reach high to approach the dishwasher, it comes to your shoulder level. The dishwasher achieves almost 90 percent of dish sterilization leaving the dishes hygiene for the use.

5.) Steam Dishwasher Concept

Steam Dishwasher Concept

With the requirement of conserving water and energy, technology has taken a leap. Research has showed that cleaning dishes using steam rather than water can conserve water while keeping the dishes clean. In this steam dishwasher concept pressurized steam is used to blow food particles away while sanitizing the dishes at the same time. Its compact design makes it easy to keep it anywhere on the kitchen counter. The design also does not use any detergents to clean the dishes.

6.) UNSW Rockpool – waterless dishwasher

waterless dishwasher

The UNSW Rockpool is the winner of international Electrolux Design Laboratory. The dishwasher concept uses no water or chemicals to clean the dishes and utensils. The concept uses super critical carbon dioxide in a closed loop system to do the job. In lay man’s language, when carbon dioxide is pressurized, it becomes liquid. This carbon dioxide liquid has got solvent properties to remove grease from the dishes. After the job is done, this carbon dioxide is then separated and captured for re-use. The grease from the dishes is dispensed through kitchen’s grey-water system.

7.) Air-Well


Thinking about the future and the problem of water scarcity which people may face, Electrolux has made a dishwasher concept known as Air – well. The concept is based on such a design so that the dishwasher would not require water to do dishes. The concept is designed by Denes Janoch. The concept is self – sufficient, which means it neither requires water nor energy to work. The concept will use active atmospheric water to collect and produce water. The energy will be produced from the organic waste which will be produced during the dish washing process.

8.) Gota Dishwasher

Gota Dishwasher

Gota dishwasher is also named as a water conserving dishwasher. The Gota concept designed by lbsen Cladas uses various stages to clean the dishes. In the pre – wash stage, the concept steams up the dishes and then stores the cooled down water in a built – in tank. This stored water is then used in the next stage of cleaning, thereby conserving the fresh water from being used to clean the dishes.

9.) Water saving dishwasher by Alexey Danilin

Water saving dishwasher by Alexey Danilin

The water saving dishwasher concept designed by Alexey Danilin uses ultrasonic technology to clean the dishes rather than using the conventional technique of doing the dishes with water. The designer has proposed that if this concept is made in reality then the dishwasher can do the dishes for almost a month using just one glass of water. Now that is really a big conservation of water.

10.) The Dishwashing Table concept

Dishwashing Table concept

What more would you like to have if your dining table where you have just finished your meal would help you in doing the dishes too? Yes, this is what the dish washing table concept is designed to do. The table has a dishwasher embedded in the middle of it, so that everyone can approach it easily after finishing the meal. The concept not only cleans your dishes but also keeps the food warm for the next meal. So that is actually completing two tasks.

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