10 heart-shaped products that’ll always remain close to you

Heart-shaped products

The heart is the universal symbol of love. It is no wonder that a popular saying goes as “Home is where the heart is” for a home is a place that is filled with love. To visually depict the love that pervades a home, we have a host of accessories and furnishings coming to your aid. We present here, 10 heart-shaped products that’ll always fill your home with the magic and beauty of love.

1. Heart shaped Salt & Pepper shakers

Heart shaped Salt & Pepper shakers

Planning a romantic, candle-lit dinner with your sweetheart? Make sure that you do not miss out on the ‘salt’ heart! This neatly designed and heart shaped salt and pepper shaker combo is sure to add some ‘spice’ to your love life. The idea is very novel. You have to twist the heart to reveal the openings through which you sprinkle salt and pepper. The shakers come in different color combinations like red and white or blue and yellow and so on.

2. Heart shaped bathtubs

Heart shaped bathtubs

Romance just gets hotter in the bathtub! Here is a warm way of ensuring that the magic of Valentine’s Day lingers and stays with you every day of the year. Begin the day ‘dripping’ in love and you can end it the same way too! The tub is large and luxurious and comes fitted with a massager too. If you feel that red is too gaudy a color, you can choose between the pink and white colored variants.

3. Icoya contemporary fireplace

Icoya contemporary fireplace

This is not a painting! It is a home that is being warmed by a most elegant and classy fireplace. The fireplace took the central place in rich homes of the bygone era and was soon replaced by heaters. It appears as if the fireplace is back to claim its place even in modern and trendy homes. This contemporary fireplace from Icoya is sure to capture your heart and set it on fire too! It also comes along with a stylish, heart-shaped grill to cover the fire. It sits neatly on a wall and makes a chic addition to any mod home.

4. Heart-shaped USB speaker, LED lamp and pen holder

Heart-Shaped USB Speaker, LED Lamp and Pen Holder

A lovely desktop utility that is powered by a desktop PC! This beautiful, heart-shaped pen holder comes loaded with many other features too. It has 5 LED lights that you can utilize as a reading lamp. It also has a built in speaker. These electronics are powered by a USB cable that connects to the computer. For other times, the pen holder can also be powered by batteries. There is also a cable that connects it to any MP3 player.

5. Heart-shaped iPod speaker dock

Heart-Shaped iPod Speaker Dock

Here is a completely girly product from Ricco. And it is for the trendy, iPod wielding female. Colored in burning hot pink, the iPod dock is shaped as a heart too. The two hearts at either ends are speakers that generate good quality sound and decent output. Dock it to the computer and it also charges your iPod as it plays the music. Portability is also guaranteed as the dock runs on 4 AAA batteries also.

6. Heart cone chair

Heart Cone Chair

At first sight, this chair appears to be delicately balanced and uncomfortable. Created by Verner Pantone, this non-conformist chair is selling very well for $231 and that in itself should speak about the utility and comfort of the chair that go along with its design novelty. With dimensions of 4.3 “x 7.3″ x 6.7”, the chair seat is quite sizable. The heart shape and the bright colors that it comes in purple, scarlet and red are sure to attract attention.

7. Lovers MP3 player

Lovers MP3 Player

This is a cute novelty! Two MP3 players (1GB capacity) shaped as a man and woman, come together to form a heart. They play the same songs when locked in that passionate kiss but can play separate tunes when separate from each other! This will definitely strike a chord with the romantics and the MP3 player is definitely going to be a hit for Valentines Day. The best part is that in case of a break up (God forbid), you need not fight over your MP3 player! Just take a part of the ‘heart’ and be done!

8. Mua hanging chair

Mua Hanging Chair

The Mua chair is an organic design that brings into the mind, two lovers intertwined with each other. There is a reason why it conjures up that image; the chair is shaped like one large heart! The chairs also seem to be symbolic of how a heart must be; hard and sturdy on the outside like the wicker wrapped steel frame but soft inside like the velvety, red cushions.

9. Huggable lights

Huggable lights

The soft heart-shaped pillow is a literal de’light’! It is made like a bouquet of a hundred roses and powered from within by batteries. Made as a Valentines Day special, the pillow is a limited edition of only 50 pieces. It comes with a built in battery charger to charge the batteries whenever necessary. Originally priced at $179, the Valentines Day discount has brought it to $159. It is available in red, white and pink.

10. Heart-shaped mouse

Heart-shaped mouse

The indispensable computer mouse has been subtly re’touched’ into a heart! Juicy Couture hopes to win over all the girls with this pink and cute heart-shaped mouse. Made of plastic, the mouse comes along with a 6 inch matching mouse pad. It works well with both PCs and Macs. The adorable mouse is on sale for $45.

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