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10 Preventive Maintenance Guidelines from The Best Plumber Phoenix

Preventive Maintenance Guidelines from The Best Plumber

According to the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, households in the USA end up wasting over one trillion gallons of water, and they do so every year. The same amount of water can cater to the requirements of eleven million houses, at least. Usually, pipes bursting and leaks in the plumbing lines are the primary causes of such profound wastage. Fortunately, preventive maintenance from Rooter Hero will ensure you don’t waste this inestimably valuable resource.

1. Fixing showerheads and faucets

First of all, you should get those showerheads and faucets looked at if you notice they’re dripping. Researchers have evidence to prove that one drip in every two seconds from such faulty fixtures leads to the wastage of over 3,000 gallons of water throughout the year. Plumbing leaks also tend to get from bad to worse with time.

2. Inspect all appliances

All water appliances you have at your house, including water heaters and washing machines may hide leaks. These machines are quite notorious for being highly secretive about leakages. Whenever you need the services of a plumber in Phoenix, you mustn’t hesitate to ask the service provider to inspect your electrical appliances that use water to operate.

3. Fix the toilet

Has your toilet been gurgling recently? It’s probably the result of a faulty seal valve that keeps the toilet running. This seal will decay with time because of mineral deposits, but you can get it fixed simply by replacing the flapper made of rubber. The EPA believes you can save almost 13,000 gallons of water every year by getting an old toilet replaced.

4. Showerhead cleaning

As time passes, minerals from the water accumulate on the showerhead. As a result, the holes get blocked and the water heater has to put up with the backfire. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to clean the showerheads, but if you don’t know how, ask the best plumber in Scottsdale about it.

5. Water pressure inspection

Everyone enjoys high water pressure when they’re inside the shower cubicle, but it can put a lot of stress on the pipes and faucets. You should remember that excessively high water pressure can weaken the pipe joints and the overall structural integrity of the pipes. You should use a pressure gauge to identity high and low-pressure taps on the plumbing line.

6. Unclog your drains

Water flows slowly through a clogged drain. This situation causes water to back up and bubble out from the holes in the drain. If you encounter this condition, you shouldn’t wait to call a plumber in Phoenix to conduct a routine maintenance inspection and unblock all the drainpipes.

7. Don’t flush everything

A lot of people have the habit of flushing whatever they want to get rid of down the drain. Things, such as human hair, plastic packets, and greasy substances can turn into solid masses, and they’ll eventually start blocking the drains. You have to be mindful about what you drop in your toilet before pulling the flush lever. Nothing should go down there other than human waste and toilet paper.

8. Sewer drain inspection

You should take the help of a plumber in Scottsdale to create a schedule of maintenance for the sewer pipes installed in your home. You must get those drains inspected on a half-yearly basis to remove blockages, tree roots, and everything else stuck there. Plumbers should be able to snake your drains to remove all blockages before things get out of hand.

9. Insulate the pipes

You have to get all your water pipes insulated if you reside in a prevalently cold state in the USA. Prioritize the pipes in the low-temperature areas of your property, such as the attic and basement. Insulation will ensure the pipes don’t burst when the water inside freezes during the winter months.

10. Fix all plumbing problems

Finally, you have to be prompt in getting all plumbing problems repaired. They usually happen when your guard is down. It’s wise to arrest it as soon as possible instead of waiting for a disaster.


Preventive plumbing maintenance services offered by Rooter Hero will ensure your plumbing lines remain safe and perform efficiently. Plumbing systems hold about 10% of your property’s overall value, and you can keep them in perfect condition with preventive maintenance strategies.

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