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10 unique refrigerator concepts for futuristic homes

Unique refrigerator concepts

In this fast paced life where multitasking is very necessary, refrigerators have become one of the most important kitchen appliances. Not only do they provide cold water but also enable us to save precious time in the morning by keeping food fresh. Fridge comes very handy to prepare quick breakfast. Since long time refrigerators were predominantly manufactured in a simple rectangle shape and of white color. With changing time there have been several innovative changes in the style, color and shape of refrigerators. Refrigerators got new look by the introduction of stainless steel in late 1990. This was further enhanced by the technological innovations of the present time. Creativity and innovation is giving every product a new look. Here is a list of 10 unique refrigerator concepts for futuristic homes:

1. Bio Robot Refrigerator

Bio Robot Refrigerator

This refrigerator is almost four times smaller in size than the traditional refrigerator. This ultra slim refrigerator does not have door, drawers and motor. This Bio Robot fridge is biopolymer based. The item put in this fridge are stored in its biopolymer vacuum bubble. Bio robots maintain the temperature of the stuff. This refrigerator design is the creativity of a Russian student, Yuriy Dmitriev. This fridge does not require specific place to be kept in your kitchen. It can be placed in any direction like vertically, horizontally and can even be hung on the ceiling.

2. Smart Fridge unique refrigerator concepts 

Smart Fridge Concept
Smart Fridge Concept is an intelligent appliance which guides you to what all can be cooked with the stuff inside the fridge. It becomes your cooking guide. The fridge keeps track of the stuff kept inside it, develops a list of items that be prepared from the available stuff. It prepares detailed instruction for you how to make the dish form the list of items. If a particular ingredient quantity become less Smart Fridge will give you the signal. This innovative idea of fridge and cooking guide is effort of Ashley Legg. The design have been developed by Yanko designs.

3. Smart Fridgerator unique refrigerator concepts 

Smart Fridgerator

Smart Fridgerator can be termed as the best of all the smart fridges. Along with keeping the food adequately cool it conserves energy and thus is eco friendly. It has 2 cameras places in the most prominent place. These cameras keep note of all the food stored in the refrigerator. so you will not have to hunt for things in the refrigerator.

4. Self-cleaning Fridge

Self-Cleaning Fridge

Regular cleaning of fridge is a big hassle. But there is no alternative, we have to clean it regularly. The solution to this problem is now available in futuristic self-cleaning fridge. This innovative fridge has nano-tiles. The nano-tiles scan the food items and bring the old food items to the front of drawer. From this drawer the user can either use it or can remove it. The fridge has ultraviolet reader in it. This technology keeps a check on the weight of the plate before and after the meal. It also keeps a record of calories required by the person. It has two touch screens features which displays the menu and also suggest the shopping lists.

5. Electrolux Flatshare Fridge

Electrolux Flatshare Fridge

Electrolux Flatshare Fridge has been designed by Stefan Buchberger. The unique refrigerator concepts resemble a multi-storeyed apartment. Similarly this fridge has different compartments. It is very useful for people who share the same fridge and want separate space in the refrigerator to store their food. The fridge has four modules so that four different individuals can use. This design feature gives each of the roommates the luxury of having their own fridge. As per the need of the user each of these modules can be further classified and add-ons like bottle openers etc can be installed.

6. Electrolux Soft Refrigerator

Electrolux Soft Refrigerator

Electrolux Soft Refrigerator is a collapsible refrigerator, therefore termed as Soft Refrigerator. It is ideal for people whose refrigerator is usually not full. It has a membrane that insulates the ventilated heat and modular shelves. These modular shelves makes the refrigerator collapsible. Therefore, you can optimize the size of the refrigerator according to the amount of food you want to store. Apart form saving the space of the room this refrigerator decrease the amount of space that has to be cooled in the refrigerator. This makes the refrigerator save energy and thus is eco friendly.

7. Tree House Fridge

Tree House Fridge

Tree House Fridge is an innovative concept which uses the tree house idea. The Tree house fridge is a part of Yanko Designs. The fridge offers impressive functions to the users. Along with these effective functions it boasts of impressive and attractive look. This attractiveness has made the fridge a popular choice among people who are planning to buy a refrigerator. Like the tree house which children make, this fridge also has different branches. Different branches serve as compartments for different things and serve different purpose. One of the branches of the fridge has holes to keep fruits, one has trays to keep plates with food, etc. The fridge comes with sliding doors which slide away easily.

8. Teleport Fridge unique refrigerator concepts

Teleport Fridge

The Teleport Fridge is the most innovative fridge in terms of technology usage. This is the first of its kind fridge which uses the teleportation technology. It has a touch screen that you can use as an interface between the user and the refrigerator. The refrigerator has a lot of space for storing of food.

9. Window Fridge unique refrigerator concepts

Window Fridge

Window Fridge has been designed by Jong rok Lee and Yoon jung Kim. Made from clear glass; It has a rotatable container system. So, you will be able to see the contents from outside. It uses the concept of molecules in polymer state which are treated by electricity.

10. IceCloud Fridge

IceCloud Fridge

Time, energy, water and space are in scarcity now days and thus are most valuable and precious. This IceCloud Fridge will be a great change from the traditional old refrigerators which are noisy, use a lot of energy. The IceCloud refrigerator is environmentally friendly and comfortable appliance. It uses the natural cooling from cold water.