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10 unusual and interesting animal rugs for your living space

Animal rugs

Whenever rugs are talked about, the concept that immediately creeps into majority of the people’s mind is that they are not merely foot wipes on which you can rub off and clean your dirty, soiled feet, but a prestigious product to own. Rugs might be accessories of the floor of your house but they are characterized by the intricacy of workmanship, the expensive base material and the combination of colors and value additions. Moreover, rugs are so valuable possessions for some people that they even import rugs from other countries in exchange of quite a lot of fortune to add a spark in their elegant home decor. The prestige of rugs is so immense that they have been an important item of trade as well in the ancient pasts, when many of the civilizations were at their nascent stages. Even today, rugs are the major foreign exchange earner for many countries in the world. Here you will get to know about ten innovative rugs of the modern generation that can be a part of your interior decoration as well.

1. Demon Skin Rug

Demon Skin Rug

It is often said in popular belief that keeping a demon face in house wards off evil eyes or the ill intentions of those with ulterior motives. This might have inspired the designer and artist of the demon skin rug. Therefore, this is the rug that has a eerie face on it. All through the rug the long hairs of the demonish character make the rug look quite real. The teethed head of demon at the upper end of the rug is also provided with two long , thick and brown horns curved and bent towards the inner side of the demon skin. The glaring eyes and the cruel face of the demon makes the rug really frightening. The hands of the demon in the rug also comprises of deadly nailed claws. Flux fiber has been used to make this rug, which is then airbrushed to impart the natural look. The underside of the same has been lined with blue fleece to cater to the functional side of the product as well. The dimension of the rug is 77 inches length x 87 inches width.

2. Chrissy Skin Rug

Chrissy Skin Rug

This rug is a really dreadful one if you have a close look at it. It will rather create an uncanny feeling in your home, but is also truly appreciable as well in its life like portrayal of a slaughtered woman, whose skin and head has been removed and spread over the ground. This is the reflection of the creative genius of the designer, Chrissy Conant, who has tried to signify her relationship with her parents and some disturbing relationships on such similar notes in this creation of hers, as she says. The designer also says that she had laid herself down on the ground and covered herself with buckets full of mold making gelatin and silicon rubber to prepare the cast. The opened mouth of the human head signifies sheer sexual indications; the deep set, long lashed eyes stare upwards submissively. Original human hair is put on to the doll’s head that diffuse with the edges of the wrinkled skin and echoes ripples of depression. It is attached to the floor by means of magnets.

3. Monster Skin Rug

Monster Skin Rug

Beware, this monster skin rug, designed by Joshua Ben Longo can terrify your guests away from your home rather than welcoming them in. Rich cashmere has been used as the base material of the rug, which features a monstrous bear head with wide open mouth and gleaming eyes, staring fiercely at you. It imparts the most realistic feel, quite contrary to the conventional bear rugs.

4. Bear Blanket Rug

Bear Blanket Rug

Netherlands based French designer, Lise Lefab has emphasized on the recycling of the traditional woven varieties of Dutch woolen blankets that have lost their acceptance in the recent times in hands of the modern, easy to use comforters. A bear head with its skin spread on the ground is the predominant feature of this rug where the intricate patterns of the traditional rug has been highlighted.

5. Bearskin rug

Bearskin rug

This rug is quite unusual in comparison to the ones you come across mostly. This rug, designed by London based Dutch designer, Eelko Moorer, has gathered its inspiration from kid’s toy bears. The designer probably imagined how a toy bear will look like if it becomes real. Thus, he created this rug from urethane rubber. It weighs 50 kgs and is available in all over black, brown or white colors. The most interesting part of it is that it can be used as floor mat as well as mounted as wall hanging.

6. Leopard Skin Rug

Leopard Skin Rug

If you are fascinated by the authentic leopard skin rugs, extracted from the body of the real animal, then you can try out this one, which had once been the property of late Joseph Wiltshire. The note of authentication is the red stenciled number ‘38696” on the reverse side of its skin, along with the label “Van Ingen and Van Ingen of Mysore”. It is of a length of 213 cm. including the tail of the leopard and is priced at $ 2,178 approximately. But you if think you will face adverse consequences in the customs and the rules and regulations of your country by owning it, then try out the imitation of the same. It is made from nylon flux and is available at a base price of $158.

7. Rabbit Rug

Rabbit Rug

This rug is more of a toy than a rug. It is a perfect accessory for your kid’s home decoration. It is basically a cute, stuffed rabbit that is to be placed carelessly on the floor of your kid’s bedroom. It is made from fabric with stylofoam stuffing and can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner.

8. Beast Rug

Beast Rug

This beast rug, designed by Punga and Smith, will take you back to your childhood when you have seen real animal hide rugs. This rug is better in comparison as no animal is harmed in the process of its making and only flux and fur are its base materials.

9. Furry Wampa Rug

Furry Wampa Rug

This rug is extremely functional as it can be used as your portable lounge to enjoy your pass time also. Made from synthetic fur and in a dimension of 62 inches x 30 inches, it is marked by its non slip backing that will prevent you from falling down in some of your careless moments on it.

10. Gummy Bearskin Rug

Gummy Bearskin Rug

This rug has been designed by YaYa Chou. It is named by the designer as “Simon” and features a bear with clawed paws as well. The dimension of this rug is of 32 inches x 32 inches. Critics comment that the rug is mostly suited for decorative purpose than much of functional aspects. The ultimate decision is that of the one who buys it.