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12 most calming colors for bedroom

Dark blue bedroom

The bedroom is your space, the space where you can be yourself, relax and rewind. This is the room where you escape from the rest of the world. A peaceful, tranquil bedroom can be created with the right hues on the walls. Energetic colors are best for the kitchen or the living room. There are some colors you can choose for your bedroom, which are the most calming colors for bedroom. Check them out:

12 most calming colors for bedroom


Purple bedroom Purple is perhaps not the color that leaps to mind when you think about tranquility. It’s associated with royal and sumptuous décor. But it can be very good for better mental health, as it can be soothing and relaxing. Medium purple with blue undertones is muted and the best for your bedroom if you are looking for a luxurious background which is quiet and serene at the same time.

Soft sand

Soft sand is the best neutral shade that is finding favor with designers right now. It has a gentle pink undertone, making a space cozy and calm instantly. This neutral color is perfect for small bedrooms which do not get much natural light. The color is one of those neutral shades which has a personality and life of its own, thus uplifting any bedroom from being boringly quiet.


black bedroomPeppery black is the preferred shade for many. Though unusual, you might give it a try, but avoid the pitch black shade. Choose a shade of black which is light and paint one of the walls black, not all. The black color can be offset with a painting in a rich gold frame.

Rose bay

In stark contrast to black is the dainty rose bay. It gives an extra depth to the space without being too colorful and bright. If you love flowers and are soothed by them, then this shade will remind you of your favorite roses. The lovely shade is great to mix with other neutral or white color schemes.

Soft, neutral green

Soft-neutral-greenThe green color has long been known to be great for mental health. Soft, neutral shades of green such as pistachio, celery or sage will help to breathe life into your bedroom. The plain green color can be complemented with a green, fern print. Though this shade would complement furniture in white color, it would look wonderful with warm wooden colored furniture. The soft green shade is elegant but grounded, and is comparatively easy to create the look you want.


Peach is one of the most calming colors for bedroom as it evokes a sleep sanctuary, relaxing you and rejuvenating you. For sleep, peach is good, a color which is muted, but it has a liveliness to it as well. You can use peach on the entire room or pair with other muted colors like clay, to give depth to your room and see how the sleep patterns improve.

Dark blue

Dark blue bedroomIf you crave to relax after a hard day in your bedroom, light blue and soft blue are great, but do not ignore deep shades of blue either. Deep blue is calming, but as it is very rich shade, mixing it with other contrasting colors will tone it down and make it a part of a peaceful color combination. Many pleasant color schemes can be created with deep blue, which would send healing, soothing vibes to the spirit.

Warm brown/beige

Warm brown shade too is a good idea for a restful bedroom. The color does not excite your senses, but enhances the feeling of calmness. It can be an accent wall in tandem with other colors such as creamy white, if you don’t want to paint all the four walls in the brown shade.

One of the most calming colors for bedroom, is beige. Soft, earthy beige can be the perfect foil for any number of versatile décor. This color is usually seen these days with laid-back simple décor with rugs and rich wooden bedside tables with a touch of green.


Gray bedroom with a wooden bedFor sleep, gray color is recommended as one of the most calming colors for bedroom. Misty grey shades impart sophistication to your bedroom, and create a calming atmosphere. Medium to cool gray shades can be paired with beige and tan colored décor for a restful bedroom. Or you can have a dash of color with the lovely gray in the background. A gray background, whether its light or dark, can be the best to create a gorgeous bedroom especially when balanced with bright accents such as turquoise. So gray could be a good choice to impart a cheerful but calm and stately vibe.

Gossamer white

White is a lovely color which never fails. There are many shades of white, however. Some shades will urge you to work rather than relax. Choose a warm shade which exudes calm and brightens up your room at the same time. For better mental health, you must have sound sleep. It’s easier to fall asleep soon and enjoy a deep sleep when your environment is peaceful and calm. Here are some ways to get more deep sleep.

With white surrounding you, you have the choice for other décor elements such as soft colored comforters, matching headboards, etc. Alabaster white is creamy and perfect for a serene effect, and sophisticated as well. It will make you feel as though you’re floating on a cloud and soothe you to slumber.

Soft blue

Soft-blueAnother of the colors, which are most calming colors for bedroom and considered the best for different color schemes, is blue. Out of the many shades of blue, soft blue on the walls reminds of beautiful blue skies or a relaxing day at the beach. It is a restful hue which pairs incredibly well with white. A creamy white and soft or dark blue on the walls will be the perfect combination for your bedroom.


Lavender is an extremely appealing color, and is known to be soothing. It has an undeniable charm for its flowery accents. Create a gorgeous look with a gold and lavender combination.

Choose from any of the stress reducing colors to design a calming bedroom you would love to come back to!

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