15 ways of including white in your home decor


White adds an element of sophistication to your decor, like no other colour can. It evokes cleanliness, elegance, purity, and confidence, and the ‘wow’ factor. Too much of it can be intimidating, and most people think twice before decorating their home completely in white. If you think the same too, you might take a look at these 15 ideas to include white in your home. These white decor concepts will definitely inspire you to include white in your home decor.

  1. Choose a colour palette of cream, off-white and white


You can have a colour scheme of cream, off-white and white to get a charming country style decor. Pale grey would also look great and with a lot of accessories, vases, cushions etc in the same shades would create a beautiful look.

  1. Use white as a beautiful blank canvas

Don’t be afraid to use white on all the walls, especially if you have great views of the city, mountains, trees or the ocean. The white walls are a perfect backdrop for the magnificent views outdoors.

  1. Stripes


To introduce a pattern to a stark white room, try using stripes of the nautical kind preferably. It will lend a nautical, coastal feel to your home. It’s quite easily done – just add some striped throws and cushions etc, which can be changed when you outgrow the look.

  1. Paint your traditional or modern kitchen white

The pristine beauty of white (and it’s many shades) brings out the beauty of your traditional kitchen with wooden cabinets and marble counters. White looks amazing in ultra modern kitchens too, if you have a small kitchen, a completely white colour scheme will make it look much bigger than it actually is.

  1. White and cream

Your living room can look fantastic with classic white or cream furniture, with the walls a different colour. You could have an accent wall of blue or orange, let the other walls be white, and with white slipcovers, you need not worry about any stains from wine or food.

  1. White with metals


You might have seen the latest décor trends matching white with metal colours, such as white with brass, white with steel, gold, and copper. These colour combinations are trending right now. You can combine white walls or furniture with gold, copper, stainless steel décor items and fixtures.

  1. White upholstery

White upholstery is actually much easier to care for than you may think. It all depends on the kind of fabric you use – for example in the living room or family room, you can use white faux leather or white denim slipcovers which can be cleaned easily.

  1. Red and white

Decorate your living room with the classic Scandinavian country colours of red and white.

  1. Focus on the art


With white on the walls, you don’t have to compete with other colours to show off your precious artwork.

  1. Choose the best shade

White has a huge variety of shades, with undertones of reds, pinks, yellows, purples, greens etc. Choose the shade of white which matches with the colour that is prevalent in your home.

  1. Pink and white

Transform your living room into a pretty pink and white vision. Your accessories can be in different shades of pink – from blush pink to bold fuchsia.

  1. White on white

As mentioned before, there are many shades of white. You can create a room which is completely in white but in different shapes of it.

  1. White and black

Combine black and white to create a bold yet stylish look with the two contrasting colours. Include another colour with bright yellow flowers.

  1. Colonial style

Design your interior in the colonial style with painted white panelling, wooden furniture with white upholstery. Lush plants kept indoors will emphasize the colonial style.

  1. Neutrals and white

Adding neutrals to a white base makes your look layered and collected. Shades of beige mixed with white creates a relaxed effect.

Instead if being intimidating, white is actually a good background which can support a variety of styles. It can be a major element of the décor or a minor one, but in both cases it can make a beautiful impact on your décor.

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