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15 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of the year. The cool air, cozy blankets, warm heaters, and the pretty snowflakes lining your window sill outside, makes it an amazingly comfy season. But the climate change brings a lot of adverse effects as well.

Kids are bound to feel chilly and colder than adults due to reduced body fat. You’d have to do a little extra to protect your kids from tough winter months. Thicker clothes would not be enough. You’d also have to protect your homes from the chilly air outside. So here are few ways for you to prepare your home for the upcoming winter months!

  1. Clear out the gutters


The gutters are the reason why all the waste household water enters the sewage system and thus leaves your houses un-clean. Also after the months of Autumn season, fallen leaves might have clogged your gutters.

  1. Pick out essential clothes

Time to store inside all the thinner, cooler summer clothes, and bring out the wooly, comfy jackets and sweaters. Keep all these winter clothes within view, and the ones not needed can be neatly packed up and placed further inside that wardrobe so that they are ready for when summer arrives.

  1. Check the heating

The heaters will keep you comfortable in the cold chilly weather. So make sure your heater is up and running, including the furnace. Clean it out properly and ensure it ready for use.

  1. Switch mattresses:

Young happy couple sleeping in bed

Your mattresses can be switched for ones that are little thicker and warmer thus keeping the temperature higher than usual. They keep you insulated and don’t let the heat escape when you’re sleeping.

  1. Insulate windows:

Check out the caulk around the windows of your house to see if they’re good enough to keep the windows sealed. Only then the cold air will be prevented from coming in. Otherwise, you can expect similar temperatures inside as well.

  1. Snow Blowers


Take out your snow blowers from the garage, clean them out or get them mended, and keep them ready for the winters. Get your snow blower ready especially if you’re living in an area where there is heavy snowfall expected.

  1. Heavy curtains

Some people believe that using heavy curtains will prevent the heat from escaping the house. However, sunlight will enter more easily into your rooms with lighter curtains.

  1. Wear shoes inside as well


Do not forget to keep your slippers or your shoes on inside the house as well so as to prevent frostbites. You could also use those woolly slippers to add to the comfort.

  1. Wear socks while sleeping

When you sleep, it is a good idea to wear socks as your peripheries cool down more easily than the central part of your body. This is to prevent you from feeling cold while you’re asleep and waking up unwell.

  1. Keep the heater on all the time


This will maintain the core temperature of the house at all times. Maybe you could reduce the heater temperature when you leave home but try to keep it at a constant, so you feel warm and cozy as soon as you enter.

  1. Eat well

You should eat in sufficient quantities during winter so that your body can generate enough heat to keep it warm during this season.

  1. Fix your ceilings


If your ceiling has some leaky openings, now is the time to fix them as air can easily enter from the roof, thus cooling your entire house. And the melted ice could be a potential problem as well.

  1. Close your basements

Keep the basement door closed at all times as these spots are colder than the rooms above, thereby preventing cold air from entering your living rooms.

  1. Use thicker blankets


You should get warmer, thicker blankets to keep you warm when you’re sleeping as they are made to hold the heat inside.

  1. Get some protective clothing for your pets

You could also make your pets wear some extra layers, especially when they head out into the chilly weather outside.

You would need to change your habits, insulate your houses, and so much more. Winters can be pretty harsh if you’re not geared up for it in advance.

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