3 Window Treatments That Can Save You Money

The average household in Virginia spends about $130 per month on utilities. That’s about $15 higher than the national average. By choosing the right types of window treatments for your home, though, you could potentially lower your monthly bill. If you are trying to save money, consider adding these three window treatments to your house.

Heavy Curtains for Drafty Houses

If you have a drafty house, then you are probably losing a lot of energy through your windows. As windows age, they become less efficient. Over time, the frames can start to warp, creating tiny gaps that open your home to the outside. Even windows with multiple panes and argon gas will start to lose their efficiency after several years.

This situation is most noticeable during winter, when cold air sneaks into your home and forces your furnace to work overtime.

Decorating your windows with heavy curtains can cut draftiness and save you money by creating an extra layer between the indoors and outdoors. The thicker the curtains are, the better they typically work. Think of it as adding a warm blanket to your windows.

Thermal Drapes for Summer

Thermal drapes

Thick curtains aren’t always the best option during summer. They can block sunlight, which helps keep the indoors cool, but they aren’t the best option. Instead, look for thermal drapes that are specifically made to block the sun.

Thermal drapes contain interior layers of insulating fabric  that create a better buffer between your home and the outdoors. This not only blocks wind, but the sun’s harsh rays.

Your cat may miss basking in the sunlight, but your air conditioner will thank you. Still, it makes sense to have Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning perform maintenance on your HVAC Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning perform maintenance on your HVAC system at least once a year. This will improve its efficiency so you get even more savings.

To get the most out of thermal drapes, you need to make sure they fit well. Ideally, the drape should cover the entire window frame. If it doesn’t then you won’t block all heat transference.

Window Films for Homes With Newer Windows

Window Films for Homes

If you have tinted windows in your car, then you already know that the right type of film can block the sun’s heat. There are similar products designed for residential windows.

Unlike your car windows, though, you probably don’t need a film that blocks sunlight. You just need something that prevents excessive heat from entering your home. That’s why you can benefit from residential window films that aren’t tinted. They block the sun’s heat, but they don’t block your view of the outdoors.

This is a good option for people who have newer windows, which are usually more efficient than older ones. Not only do they have better designs, but they haven’t had time to age. Still, there is room for improvement. By adding a film to your windows, you help you put less stress on your air conditioner.

There are plenty of ways to use less electricity and natural gas. By adding the right window treatment to your home, you can knock a few dollars off your monthly utility bill.

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