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Incredible ways to incorporate beadboard paneling to home décor

Beadboard paneling is extremely versatile and using it in interior decoration instantly adds on to its aesthetic value. Using beadboard paneling in a rickety room or in a dreary piece of furniture gives them a new, exciting and an expensive appeal.

Those of you who somehow relate it exclusively to a traditional setting must read this post, as it defines how well it goes with every setting including transitional, modern, country or cottage. Following are some ideas, as to where and how you can use beadboard paneling in your home.

On the walls

beadboard paneling walls

Very common and a gorgeous way to decorate walls is to use beadboard paneling. You can decorate your walls in three different ways – doing wainscot that is of your shoulder level, one that is of your waist level and a complete wall to ceiling beadboard paneling. All three have their own charm and add the much required homey feel and warmth to homes. You can experiment with different types of its installation, rather than depending entirely on traditional vertical paneling.

Beadboard backsplash

Beadboard backsplash

A beadboard backsplash for your kitchen is an ideal investment, as it adds to its beauty by giving it a certain charm and character. You can make them on your own using a chop saw but if you don’t want it, you can get beadboard panels cut from a professional.

On the ceiling

Beadboard ceiling 1

Decorating ceiling with beadboard panels is a trend that is here to stay. It gives a room a cottage-style appeal that is in practice since ages and is continuing to do the same. It adds a comforting and a relaxing feel to room that everybody likes. A few tips you must keep in mind, such as installing panels on your ceiling in the same direction as that of the floor panels, if there are any. Paint ceiling panels in the same color as that of walls. These simple tips help making a beadboard panel interior décor coherent and coordinated.

On the cabinet doors

Beadboard cabinet doors

Beadboard paneling in homes is much more than just on the walls and ceilings. You can use them on the cabinet doors as well, like on the cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen. This is quite an integral feature of a shabby chic home décor that looks great. The otherwise normal and boring cabinet door gets the ultimate charm, character and texture.

Besides bath tub in your bathroom


Well, this one demands a great deal of precision and care, or else the entire investment could go waste. It is about surrounding a contractor-grade tub in your bathroom with beadboard panels to give it a designer look. You are supposed to take ideal preventive measures so that no water leakage takes place and destroys wood panels. You got to seal it using silicone along the trim edges and paint beadboard with semi-gloss paint on both sides.

Sunrooms and patios


Whether you want to use beadboard panels on the ceiling or on the walls, your patio or sunrooms are ideal places for such projects. These places in a home are as it is closer to nature than any other part in the entire home, and beadboard paneling makes it appear even more natural. You can keep the ceiling white or play with colors. Using ultra white and bright colors on ceilings in your patio will accentuate its beauty.

If someone desires to add texture, charm and incredible visual interest to a room, they must consider incorporating beadboard paneling into their room. There are numerous design ideas that bring a fair share of eye-catching effect into décor.

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