4 Key Tips To Survive The Winnipeg Winter

Winnipeg is one of the coldest cities in the world and when the snow starts to pile up, it is not just the hours of shoveling that you need to worry about. The moisture and weight of heavy snow on your roofing will cause serious damage and require costly repairs. If you want to save yourself the trouble, you need to prepare your roofing before the extreme cold sets in.

We have listed below four key tips to make your home ready for when Jack Frost arrives:

  1. Clear all the dirt and debris

Debris in the form of dirt, leaves, twigs, and large branches accumulates on your roofing through spring and fall. Before winter arrives, you need to have your roof cleared out from any loose materials that can potentially cause problems when snow is present. If your gutters are collecting leaves, dirt, and other items, water will back up leading to the formation of ice dams due to freezing temperatures. Moreover, the debris on your roof’s surface can result in the development of mold and mildew.

  1. Check for signs of deterioration

When the cold weather hits, do not let trouble sneak up on you. Even before winter, you should check your roofing and see if there are signs of deterioration. If your roof is not in its best condition when snow begins to build up, your roofing may cave in and harm you and your family. Examine your deck and coping thoroughly and look for wear and tear including loose shingles and caulk, splitting joints, and thinning portions of the membrane.

However, it can be extremely dangerous to do it yourself because you will be working at elevated heights. Consult with the roofing Winnipeg professionals and have the condition of your roof assessed.

  1. Check for possible leaks

Does your roof leak out whenever it rains? If yes, you should have it fixed before the season’s first snowstorm arrives. Leaks don’t only cause your heating and cooling bills to increase drastically but they also lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Have your roof examined and repaired by roofing Winnipeg experts. Also, ask the professionals to replace the insulation so you can avoid heating issues during the fierce winter of Winnipeg.

  1. Examine the drip edge

The edge of your roof greatly helps in protecting your home from extreme weather conditions like ice and snow. If it is improperly installed or not fastened to your deck properly, your home will surely suffer from damage whenever the weather acts up. You can start your search by examining the drip edge from the ground. You can easily spot a possible damage without climbing up your roof. You will only be required to head to the top if there is an issue that needs a closer inspection. When you find a problem, do not hesitate to call a Winnipeg roofing company to make the necessary repairs.

Experiencing a roofing problem during the winter season is something homeowners in Winnipeg fear the most. Avoid possible headaches by having your roof checked and repaired by a roofing specialist.

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