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Roofing ideas that work wonders for residential buildings

Some of us consider a roof to be a mere addition to a home. However, others consider it to be the essential element of the home, which it really is. While olden day architectural plans allowed for roofs to follow a standard plan, the more recent plans allow for more innovative roofing designs to lend a non-traditional look to the entire home.

Green roofs

 Green roofs 2

The more recent eco-friendly roofing deigns incorporate green roofs that contain entire lawns or gardens growing above the entire structure. However, a more innovative take on the green roof idea would have entire trees growing above the roof, just like a house in Norway. Looking somewhat like a mini forest in itself, the roof of the house has moss at its base along with self-seeded trees that grew up over the years to create a one of a kind green roof that is self-sufficient and offers insulation for the entire home.

Rooftop views

 Rooftop views

If your home is located in a scenic locale, consider opting for a roof design that would allow you to sit on it and enjoy the stunning views. For instance, the roof can incorporate a design that extends from the living space to give way for a view point or recreational area. The giant sloping design of the roof would allow you to move freely above it without worrying about slipping and falling down.

Image imitations

leaves of a banana tree

A lot of homes are now opting for roofing designs that follow standard images or patterns. For instance, a home in Rio de Janeiro has opted for a roof design that looks like the leaves of a banana tree. Taking the design forward, the roof also collects rainwater, which is repurposed inside the home, thus making the entire structure more eco-friendly. Another highlight of this design is the way it allows for the nearby ocean breeze to enter the home, thus doubling as a very effective natural ventilation system as well.

Multicolored roofing designs

Casa Battle house

Although the idea may seem farfetched and slightly over whelming, when executed properly, it could lead to a one of a kind roofing design that would grab eyeballs for sure. Take the Casa Battle house in Spain for instance. Built in 1877, the house was later renovated in 1906. The highlight of the home is its colorful roof, which is made of multicolored tiles fitted in a wavy style. The entire design offers a dream like look to the entire structure, and is an excellent example of how a multicolored roof would really make a house look great.

Another take on the green roof design

roofing design

Another way to really make use of the green roof design would be to build the entire home below ground level so that the roof actually becomes a part of the ground. Consider the roofing design adopted by the historical museum at Les Loucs Sur Bulogne in France. The roof of the building blends in so beautifully with the surrounding lawn that it is practically impossible to notice it from a distance. The below ground level establishment would also allow for cooler interiors, thus making this kind of roof a great idea for regions prone to hot climates.

Rooftop rooms

rooftop bathroom 2

We have talked about the roof design that doubles as a view point or recreational zone. But how about a roof that would allow you to use it as another room entirely? Let’s say for example, the bathroom. That’s right, a rooftop bathroom. Take for instance this rooftop bathroom in Japan that comes with a structure built entirely of glass and overlooks the patio. The glass allows for plenty of natural sunlight to enter the bathroom while the person inside is treated to stunning views of the surrounding areas.


Roofing designs for residential buildings have moved on from the olden days to incorporate newer, more innovative designs. If you are considering opting for such a design for your home as well, consider the options mentioned above for ideas.

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