Show Your Green Thumb in an Apartment: Urban Gardening Ideas

Living in an apartment has its pros and cons. One particular disadvantage of living in an apartment, a rented one no less, is the inability to have a traditional garden. Space constraints apart, there are many restrictions that make it literally impossible to set up a garden in an apartment. All is not lost though. Here are some nifty urban gardening ideas that can help you set up an indoor or outdoor garden in your apartment with ease.

Outdoor Locations


When it comes to outdoor locations for a garden in your apartment, your choices are very limited. If you are blessed with a patio or balcony, you can consider using these areas as a suitable space for a small garden of sorts. The dead space along the side of the building also functions as an appropriate space for a mini garden. You can also use the fire escape as a garden area, provided you leave plenty of space for people to move around. The same rule applies for an outdoor patio where you need to give plenty of room for people to move around.

Indoor Locations

Many people believe that setting up an indoor garden is a very tough task owing to the very few usable locations. On the contrary though, there are several indoor locations that can act as great spaces for a beautiful indoor garden. Here are some options to choose from.

Windowsill Box Garden

A windowsill is a great indoor location for a small garden. You can choose to place a few glass containers containing herbs on the sill or repurpose an old crate or shoe organizer for the same purpose. With plenty of natural light and air to aid them, the plants in a windowsill box garden will thrive beautifully.

Wall Garden


Vertical gardens are becoming very popular these days owing to the sheer number of ways they can be set up against a wall or any other background for that purpose. If there is wall in your home that has been left unused, consider turning it into a vertical garden.

You can choose to affix a backdrop support structure made of wood or iron and hang the planters in it. For instance, a mesh made of steel can be mounted on the wall. You can then hang the planters on the mesh directly. You can also repurpose an old wooden shutter or create a custom wooden pallet to be mounted onto the wall for the same purpose.

Planter Stand Garden


Don’t have space on the walls? Then consider setting up a mini garden on a planter stand or table. You can choose one that is thin and does not take up too much space in the room.

Hanging Garden

A hanging garden is also a great option for an indoor garden. There are several ways in which you can set up your own indoor hanging garden. For instance, you can purchase a couple of hooks and springs. Using these, you can affix the planter to any wall mounted hook or attachment.

A creative angle to this idea involves the use of a garment rack that can be used as the base hanger for the vertical garden. You can also set up floating shelves to make the planters more stable. You can also use an unused corner space in your home to set up a floor to ceiling vertical garden.

Moveable Cart Garden

Another great idea for an indoor garden involves the use of moveable carts. If you have an unused bar cart or any other moveable cart for that matter, set up some planter boxes on each tier for the garden. This way, you can simply move the plants to a balcony or near a window when they need more light and bring them indoors in the case of heavy winds or storms. 

Setting up a garden in an apartment can be a challenging task. However, with a little bit of creativity on your end and some help from these tips, you can transform your apartment into a green oasis.

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