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Simple repair skills that everyone should learn

Everyone has faced a situation where a household appliance like a refrigerator, oven or washing machine has to be repaired. Professional repair work costs a lot of money, and many a time, youhave to wait for the repairman to turn up, which can sometimes be days. Till that time, you are stuck with a faulty appliance and you feel helpless. It’s in these times that you wish you knew how to repair things yourself, to save time and money. Read on to find out more about some appliance repair skills:

Essential skills you need


The skills required to successfully repair your appliances:

  • Writing effectively to gain information

You have to have precise writing skills to explain your appliance problems to the company so that you are given the correct information to help you to do the repairing yourself. The ability to describe succinctly exactly what is wrong will provide you the necessary information. Your writing skills will help you in taking up other DIY home improvement projectsin future too, as you can write to experts requesting advice or guidance. 

  • Understanding technical data

Reading and understanding the service manual is important. Being able to translate technical instructions is a valuable skill. Never open up an appliance without a thorough cover to cover reading of the appliance manual. In case you can’t find your problem described in the manual, you might find instructions somewhere on the outside or inside the appliance itself. Many manufacturers print operation instructions on the appliance to help users solve minor problems. 

  • Gauging the damage


Is your appliance making strange noises? Or has it stopped completely? To know why, and to repair, you must be able to troubleshoot successfully. Trouble shooting will help you diagnose the problem with your appliance. 

  • Reasoning and logic

Evaluating the result of your trouble shooting through objective reasoning and logic and deciding what action to take is a necessary skill. 

  • Making the correct judgment

Using your judgment skills to take the right decision -to decide whether to repair on your own, take professional help or buy a new appliance is a judgment call.

Step by step approach


With the correct diagnosis, you can repair your appliance with the help of the user manual. You must follow a step by step process or you will be staring at the inside of your gadget, not knowing where to start.

Regular maintenance

Maintaining your appliances on a regular basis will help in saving them fromdamage due to neglect. Maintaining your appliances is easy – you just have to follow the maintenance guidelines in the service manuals.

Attention to detail

You can’t leave out a single step in the process of repairing your appliance or you could damage it beyond repair. Being extremely careful and attentive will definitely help you to complete the repair.

These skills are essential for everyone in order to carry out home appliance repairs successfully. This will also give you the confidence to execute other home improvement ideas.

Things you need to take care of

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You have the required skills and you have decided to fix your appliance yourself. However, there are three things which you must take care of before going ahead.

Taking proper safety measures

As most appliances are electrical, you must take care to unplug them before conducting a repair. If some appliance heats up, switch it off immediately and let it cool. Sometimes an incorrect repair job may cause more damage and even put your life in danger due to gas leaks or other fire hazards. Always use proper safety equipment like gloves and safety glass to be extra cautious.

Knowing the model number

The model number is absolutely necessary to order parts, gain information and to know whether your product is in warranty or not.

Having the right tools

An ohm-meter will help you diagnose any electrical faults.  A drop light, flat screwdriver, pliers and adjustable wrench are other handy tools to fix your appliance.

Everyone should take the time to learn the essential skills necessary to carry out home appliance repairs independently. This will help to save a ton of money and time, as you are no longer at the mercy of repairmen.