5 Easy tips for transforming your old home into a smart home

A lot of homeowners are turning towards smart technology in order to make their homes smarter and eco-friendlier. There is a general misconception however that smart technology needs to be integrated into a building during the construction phase itself, thus leaving out old homes from the list. According to Dr Prem there are many ways in which you can integrate smart technology in an already built house. Check out the numerous ways this is possible as well as some smart gadgets that would help in the process.

Smart heating systems and energy meters

Smart heating systems

A great way to start making your home a smarter place to live in would be to invest in a smart heating system as well as a smart energy meter. The smart energy meter would enable you to connect with any heating system in the house from even remote locations. The meter would come with sensors which would be connected to the oil, gas or electric heating system in the home, thus helping you switch on or off the heater as and when you want to.

Some smart energy meter systems come with temperature gauges that would allow you to program your heater to switch on and off at preset temperatures.

Smart lighting

Phillips hue bulb

You can make your home smarter by simply opting for a small light change. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient options is one step in that direction.

Some lighting options also come with features to be controlled remotely. For instance, the Phillips hue bulb comes with an app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. Once you screw the bulb into the socket, you can remotely program the lights to go on or off when you enter or leave your home.

Another option would be Belkin’s WeMo which enables you to use smart lights and switches to control appliances remotely. Yet another alternative is the Lightwave RF that uses smart sockets and switches to control all the appliances that are plugged in.

Smart security options

Goji digital lock

Complex smart security options help you protect your house and family even if you are away for extended intervals. These security systems feature high end cameras, sensors and mobile apps that let you have an eye on your house 24/7.

If you don’t prefer such an elaborate arrangement, there is always a simpler but equally effective option like the August Smart Lock. This smart security system features a keyless lock technology that allows you to open the front door for guests via your smartphone app. It also keeps a check on whether you locked the house before leaving, maintains a record of who enters and exits the house and even unlocks the door for you after a tiring day at work.

Smart house cleaning options

Bosch 800 Plus Series Dishwasher

Part of a smart system’s function is to reduce the workload for humans. In that way, a number of devices offer smart functions which enable home owners to enjoy some free time while still keeping their home clean.

For instance, the Bosch 800 Plus Series Dishwasher can be considered as one of the smartest home inventions ever. In addition to having a surprisingly quiet action, the dishwasher comes with plenty of impressive features to increase energy efficiency. Some of these include an additional third rack for extra dishes, a built in water softener and a touch screen control panel that gives regular updates on status and maintenance.

The Roomba robotic vacuum makes cleaning a cake walk for sure. The powerful device can easily suck up dirt, debris and pet hair from the floor while detecting obstacles and steering away from them. It also has sensors that detect cleaned areas that do not require another visit. If that is not enough, it has a wireless command center that allows you to control its action from anywhere inside the house.

Smart water savers

The Water Pebble

A smart home is one that conserves both energy and water. A simple device like a water pebble water saver can help you determine how much water you are using or rather, wasting in the shower. The device measures the amount of water you use while showering the first time. It then reduces the shower interval during consecutive showers and lets you know when to step out by flashing a light that changes from green to yellow, and the red, signaling you that shower time is over.

Smart technology has become a necessity in every other household today. By choosing to invest in a few smart devices like these, you can integrate the technology in your home to make the latter a smarter abode for you and your loved ones.

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