6 furniture with wheels for your modern home

Fireplace on wheels

Most of the furniture in our homes is stationary. Once you place them in their designated spot, there they remain until eternity, or until you have to move. Even when you want to move your furniture to another spot in your home, it is quite difficult, as you just cannot drag them all over the house. Furniture which has wheels, on the other hand, can be moved easily from one place to another, even if it is full, for example a storage cabinet which is full of your things. You could also convert your existing furniture to furniture with wheels.

In this article, we will give you a few ideas of movable furniture and also some tips on how to transform your stationary furniture into convenient, moving furniture.

6 furniture with wheels for your modern home

Furniture which has wheels might have not been seen as the perfect choice for elegant homes. Whatever your home décor, rustic, traditional, elegant or ultra-modern, furniture with wheels is now being seen as a savvy choice to make your space multi-functional. The designs of the wheels have evolved from being simple casters to an integral part of the design of the furniture item.

Modern day apartments are getting smaller and smaller and if your apartment is tiny, then movable furniture is a great idea, as they can be moved from one part of your apartment to the other. Kitchen islands, bar carts, stools – they can slide to the place where you need them, without any heavy-duty effort on your part. Click here to see more useful furniture for your home.

Multitasking bar cart

Multitasking bar cartImage Source : cdn.decoist.com

The Dante Come As you Are bar cart is a sleek and striking one, with a sophisticated and playful design. Shelf space is plentiful and the frame is light enough to be moved easily, and yet the cart is sturdy and durable. You can choose the color you want from the options available – white gold, black and champagne red. This is an example of furniture with wheels that you’ll never regret adding to your home.

Full-fledged bars take up a lot of space, and are quite expensive. Movable bar carts are perfect for modern homes, as they can do double duty as extra storage in the kitchen or living room, when you are not using it as bar cart. If you are planning a big get-together, then this versatile cart can hold the dishes, glasses and platter. Use it as a console table too.

Cabinet/s on wheels

Cabinets-on-wheelsImage Source : choozone.com

Cabinets on casters are basically mobile and modular storage units. These come in a variety of styles to suit any décor. The adaptable cabinets can be a great addition to your home office, kitchen and bedroom. Imparting mobility to a utilitarian piece of furniture has been a great design development. This enables homeowners like you to move it to any space within your apartment, especially when you want room for a new piece of furniture. Selecting a size which can easily tucked under your worktable will create a lot of empty space in the room, which can be converted into a comfy guest room or bedroom whenever you want.

Movable side tables/coffee tables

Movable side tablesImage Source : media.karousell.com

This is one of the items included in furniture with wheels, which can be wheeled to be anything you want it to be – side table for the living room when you have guests around, an extra table for food prep, or just a dinner table for two. Attach wheels to table legs of coffee tables and side tables to give them much desired mobility. If there is drawer space underneath, all the better!

Shoe organizer

Shoe organizerImage Source : images.homedepot-static.com

Bugged that the first thing to greet your guests in your entryway is the shoe rack? You can change this by adding wheels to your existing one, or by buying or making a new shoe organizer which can be rolled away to another room or balcony when you’re expecting company. Shoe cabinets which can be moved, included in the list of furniture with wheels, are extremely handy furniture items.

Portable bed

Portable bedPortable beds, which can be ferried from one room to the other, will provide you with a extra bed in any room your want. If you want to DIY it, get hold of some long pallets and attach them. Add wheels, a comfortable mattress, soft pillows and colorful cushions to use it as an extra bed anywhere you want. Convert your study/home office to a guest room, or drag it out to the living room to have more seating space when you’re entertaining.

Fireplace on wheels

Fireplace on wheelsIt’s a great idea to have a fireplace on wheels – you can curl up in the cozy warmth of the fire anywhere in your home.

Tips to convert your furniture to furniture with wheels

Adding casters or wheels to your furniture is pretty simple, but you have to get certain things right to avoid the table or cabinet from crashing, rolling away or creating more hassle for you. Whatever kind of casters you choose, do add a lock to it to keep it stable. Check out these tips:

Choose the right material

furniture with wheels

Image Source : cb2.scene7.com

Different casters are available, from forged steel to nylon. A finished wooden floor, ceramic tiled floor, asphalt, vinyl, rubber tiled and concrete floor will need rubber, plastic or iron coated with urethane. Rubber/Plastic casters are usually the best choice, as these do not leave any marks or scratches on the floor.

Check load capacity

While buying the casters, ask the retailer the best size which would be strong enough to support your furniture.

Choose the right mount

furniture with wheelsImage Source : casterconnection.com

There are three types of mounts to choose from – plate mount, welding mount and stem mount. In the welding type, there are no bolts so you do not have to bother about patterns matching and other décor concerns.

Swivel wheels and fixed wheels

Fixed wheels move in one direction only, whereas swivel wheels rotate and are easier to move in any direction. There are combination wheels also which can be swiveled in the direction required and then locked.

Portable furniture is multi-functional, ideal for modern apartments with smaller spaces. A few pieces of mobile furniture will be enough to perform many useful tasks in your apartment.

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