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6 Great Pest Control Tips for Spring

As spring days draw closer, you can count on sunshine, warm breezes, flowers blooming—and, unfortunately, creepy crawly critters emerging from the woodwork. With some basic cleaning and preventive pest control techniques, however, you can keep your home free from unwanted bugs and insects.

Below is a look at our top 6 tips to keep those pests at bay.

  1. Close up Cracks

Applying silicone with caulking gun

If you have any holes in your walls, windows, screen doors, or other areas, you can almost be sure that pests will find their way inside. This goes for any entry point, including cracks along previously sealed surfaces. Do a full walk-through of your house and make note of any areas that look welcoming to little critters. You can seal up the cracks and holes and replace any windows as needed.

  1. No Standing Water

Person swatting a dangerous tiger mosquito by hand

You’ll want to check out your landscaping and remove any areas where water can collect and moisture can build up. Don’t just look on the ground—check gutters, too! Standing water is a favorite of mosquitoes and other flying insects who may bring diseases with them. Many professional mosquito control companies recommend pointing the gutter spouts away from your house to discourage these bugs from getting too close.

  1. Stay Organized

space for spider

Pests love clutter because it gives them more areas to live in. They especially thrive in warm, moist, enclosed spaces like bathroom nooks and under the bed. Cardboard boxes can easily become prime retail space for spiders and silverfish. Besides keeping your house clean, regular dusting and vacuuming will make sure these creepy crawlies can’t get too comfortable in your living space.

  1. Keep Food Sealed

Young Woman Holding a Plate of Pork Sausages

Nothing calls to a pest like an opened box of food, a spoiled fruit in the refrigerator, or a leaking can in the cabinet. Be sure to clean out your kitchen every week or so and toss any rotten, old food. If you only use half a box of food, pour the rest of the contents into a sealable bag and make sure it’s closed tight. Don’t leave fruit out on your counters or you’ll attract fruit flies and other gnats, ants, and spiders. Keep your leftovers in sealed containers and remember to clean up your dishes promptly, too. Don’t forget about Fido either as pet food attracts plenty of unwholesome creatures!

  1. Avoid Mulch

Close up view of the legs of a senior woman in white pants mulching a flowerbed spreading the mulch with a rake

It may look nice in your landscaping, but if you really want to drive away the insects, you may consider getting rid of your mulch. Wood and brush (the primary ingredients of mulch) appeal to beetles, wasps, and especially termites. Mulch has a warm, moist texture to it that critters can’t resist. For an alternative to mulch in your landscaping, consider small stones surrounding your plants, or move your gardens further away from your house.

  1. Clean Attics and Crawl Spaces

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You might not always have your attic, basement, or crawl space on the top of your mind, but when it comes to avoiding pests, you may want to reconsider. Insects can easily find their way into your house through these oft-neglected areas, and no matter how clean the rest of your house is, they’ll continue to intrude until you block their entrances. Keep basements dry with a dehumidifier, and check crawl spaces for signs of termites. In the attic, test windows and make sure there are no cracks or holes.

Keeping your house and yard clean and well organized will help ward off some pesky insects. For larger infestations or when dealing with unfamiliar pests, don’t hesitate to call your local pest control expert.

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