6 Tips for sprucing up winter home décor with plants and flowers

Winter is a season that is associated with grey, somber tones. It is also the time of the year when we spend quite a lot of time indoors. While the harsh winter does rob the land of vegetation, it shouldn’t really be impossible to find a green touch, if only for your home.Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team suggests 6 ways in which you can achieve this.

Choose plants that are suited for winter

A plant with many different kinds of succulents in the garden

Your first step towards accommodating plants into your home during winter is choosing plants that grow well in winter. Plants that grow well in spring and summer would not be able to survive the cold, shortened days of winter. Go for plants that can grow well even in limited light and warmth conditions. Some colorful choices include camellia, firethorn, heather, and hellebore, etc.

Choose plants that grow well year around

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Why go about changing plants with every season? Think of plants that grow well irrespective of the climate outside. This would make it easier for you to take care of the plants which would remain around the house for longer periods.

Choose low-maintenance plants

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Growing plants is no doubt a time consuming task. You would probably not want to waste the entire winter watering the plants you grow in addition to taking care of them 24/7. So take it easy and opt for plants that are fuss free and easy to maintain.

While houseplants like Chinese evergreens and succulents can grow well even under low light, plants like carnations and mums can stick around for quite some time even with minimal care. Choosing otherwise would require you to stay by your plants through night and day to ensure that they don’t wilt and die.

Choose plants that match your décor and space

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Just like you choose décor items that blend in with available space and décor, you need to choose plants that would match your home décor and space. This holds true for the color of the plant as well as the color of the container in which it is planted. Don’t choose plants that are too big that they overcrowd a space or too small that they just disappear into oblivion.

Take appropriate measurements of available space and check out the maximum growth limit of the plants that you buy so that you don’t end up choosing plants that grow too big for their space. Again, choosing plants that have the same color as the surrounding décor can help the space look lively instead of the plants sticking out like sore thumb.

Choose the indoor location properly

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Simply stacking some plants indoors would do nothing to enhance your home’s winter décor. You would need to place these plants at strategic locations in order to break the monotony of dullness that is often associated with the gloomy winter season.

Bright green foliage along with colorful buds planted in small pots can find the perfect spot in the corners of the room. A plant like a tree fern planted in a glass terrarium pot would look excellent on a center table as well, exuding a warm vibe that emanates throughout the room even if it is extremely cold outside.

Try to go artificial

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Maybe you want some indoor plants without necessarily having to take care of them in any way. If that is the case, consider opting for artificial flowers that can bring in the necessary color and warmth to your home without requiring you to give it the care natural plants would want.

You can easily break the dull monotony of a winter home by introducing colorful flowers to complement your home décor. From choosing low maintenance plants and winter blooms to artificial plants, these are some of the best ways to introduce color into your home during winter.

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