7 cabinet door styles that can set the theme for your kitchens

Picking cabinet doors can be really stressful if you don’t know what you want exactly. Experts suggest that you should pick a style that matches the décor of your home, the architectural style of the entire house, your own personal taste as well as practical factors like ease of cleaning etc. Here are 7 of the best known cabinet door styles that range from elaborate to the simple.


1. Shaker

The most common door style in kitchens is the Shaker-inspired cabinet door. Emphasizing utility, the simple and clean lines of Shaker cabinetry go well with all kinds of hardware, paint colors, stains and wood species and works well with all budgets too.

2. Louvered

Typically used on interior doors, furniture pieces and windows, the horizontal wood slats of louvered cabinet doors come with a hefty pricetag though they do add a distinct style to your kitchen.

3. Flat

Flat-panel cabinet doors are best suited to modern and contemporary interiors. It’s minimalist form and hard lines work with a variety of colors and sheens and can be very more budget friendly when finished with laminate.

4. Inset

The most expensive on the market, the inset door requires exposed hinges though it adds a wonderful crafts heavy addition to your décor.


5. Distressed

Distressed-looking cabinets are perfect for antique-style kitchen. You can buy these second hand or reclaimed or pay a tradesperson 15 to 20 percent the cost of new doors to get the look with fresh products.

6. Beadboard

Beadboard is perfect for cottage style kitchens. The paneling imparts a bright and clean feel to a kitchen though the extra crevices and cracks on its surface are best suited to less dusty climates.

7. Thermofoil

Made using medium-density fiberboard, thermofoil cabinetry is mass-produced which makes it durable and cost effective. Offered in imitation wood grain and solid colors, these molded doors are sturdy though they cannot be repaired and need to be replaced whole.

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