Functional Walhub Switch Plates declutter your hallway table

Most homes and apartments have a light switch right next to the entrance door that lets people turn the lights as soon as they enter the home so that they don’t have to fumble around in the dark for the light switch. Most people also like to keep a chest of drawers or a table in the hallway next to the entrance door where they can keep their keys, mail, umbrellas, etc so that they are within easy reach when they need to head out. However, if you live in a home that doesn’t have space for a hallway table or drawers close to the entrance door; you probably lose your keys a lot. For folks like these, we today present the innovative new Walhub.


The Walhub is basically a clever and functional installation that allows people to turn the light switch plates next to their entrance doors into a hub for their keys, mail etc. The installation is devised to turn any regular light switch space into an entire hub that can house a cellphone and a few envelopes of mail while the hooks provided at its lower end can be used to hang keys, umbrellas and even the occasional lightweight jacket or cardigan. These can also be used to hang headsets, earphones etc. right next to the phone.

The Walhub is designed mainly for spaces like entrance doors so that people heading out of the house remember to take the mail that they need to drop off and have all important things like their house and car keys, umbrella, phone and headsets etc in a single place. The space saving solution makes the need to have a table near the entrance door for storing these things redundant and allows people to make optimum use of otherwise wasted space along the walls. The Walhub project has already been fully funded through Kickstarter and its makers hope to begin taking order through their website soon enough.

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