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7 Cool soap dispensers for your funky bathroom

If you are the kind of person that hates having to struggle
with bars of soap, a soap dispenser is a must have for your bathrooms, half
baths and kitchen. Even though most people don’t mind using the plastic ones
that branded liquid soap comes in, they aren’t known to enhance your bathroom décor
in any way and may even throw a carefully planned bathroom scheme off completely.
Here are some cool soap dispenser ideas for carefully planned out bathrooms.

1. Elefoam by Chiaki

The Elefoam soap dispenser by Japanese designer Chiaki
Murata is a handsfree, sensor operated soap dispenser that eliminates the risk
of cross contamination.

2. Jack Daniel’s Soap

A Lauren Ashley original, the Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser
is a god sent for hardcore whiskey drinkers and is the most macho and manliest soap
dispenser money can buy.

3. C-Pump Single Hand
Soap Dispenser

Made by Joseph Joseph, the C-Pump Single Hand Soap Dispenser
is a sensor-activated automated soap dispenser for those who hate having to
touch soap dispensers with unclean hands.

4. Soap Flakes by
Nathalie Stämpfli

Nathalie Stämpfli’s Soap Flakes soap dispenser allows you to
get soap shavings the same way you get liquid soap from a dispenser without the
excessive packaging waste of the former.

5. Cupcake soap dispenser

Love confectionary? Then the cupcake soap dispenser is just what
you need in our bathroom!

6. Soapster soap dispenser

A poopy penguin may seem like a cute character from children’s
story books but this particular penguin shaped Soapster foaming soap dispenser
is sure to have even adult users amused.

7. Kleenex Automatic
soap dispenser

Ok so this isn’t a new invention per se but it does make for
one heck of a gag gift or even a hilarious installation in guest baths that
only your bestest of friends would appreciate.

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