7 DIY infinity mirror ideas for your modern home

The infinity mirror is catching on as novel design concept for modern homes. The effect of infinity mirrors is gorgeous and beautiful, and these mirrors have been used in many different ways in home decor. Infinity mirrors create magical illusions which are spell binding, with the help of just a few mirrors. The mirrors give the perception of immense depth, when actually the depth is only a few inches. You can make these mirrors at home, and to inspire you, we have compiled a few DIY infinity mirror ideas and also an example of how to make it:

7 DIY infinity mirror ideas

Ceiling mounted infinity mirror

Ceiling-mounted-infinity-mirrorImage Source : pm1.narvii.com

There are endless possibilities for the infinity mirror art form. One of the best ways is the ceiling design, where you mount them on a room’s ceiling. All you have to do is attach it firmly to the ceiling. It could be quite relaxing for you to stare up at the ceiling as you’re lying on the bed. Depending on your taste, you can go for scary or pleasant DIY infinity mirror ideas for the ceiling design. A hypnotic effect can be created with the right design. A geometric pattern might do the trick!

Living room infinity mirror

Living room infinity mirrorImage Source :  img.alicdn.com

Why not give your guests something to look at and talk about? Attach the infinity mirror to one of the walls and switch off all the lights of the room for a better impact. Once you learn how to make the mirror, you can change the design inside to create a new look for your room.

Infinity word mirror

Infinity word mirrorImage Source : cdn.instructables.com

Another of the DIY infinity mirror ideas is to make a mirror with words, which could be your name. Or it could be a cool line or a funny or inspiring quote. The infinity mirror word design can be used as an innovative nameplate design outside your home. With a remote, you can switch the light design to make it more lively.

Clock infinity mirror idea

Clock infinity mirror ideaImage Source : cdn.thisiswhyimbroke.com

One of the DIY infinity mirror ideas is beautiful and functional clock design. You can use an existing wall clock for this idea. The clock has to be dismantled first, and then put together again, after adding the mirror and the LED lights inside. A mesmerizing way to look at the time indeed!

The multi-dimensional universe idea

The multi-dimensional universe idea, one of the most fascinating DIY infinity mirror ideas, is created using three mirrors and lights of different colors to give it the ultra-cool 3D effect. You can either join the mirrors at 90 degrees and make it a cube or design a pyramid shape which is also as good.

Coffee tables

Coffee tableMake the most fascinating coffee table with the infinity mirror concept. Your coffee table design could be a city effect derived from five squares. Whatever the design, your infinity mirror coffee table will give the impression as if the mug is levitating over one bottomless pit. Your table design can look great even without LED lights, so you can avoid the lights and still the table would great.

Infinity mirror room

One of the most amazing DIY infinity mirror ideas, this concept has been used successfully by the artist Yayoi Kusama. Her brilliant use of infinity mirrors to create outstanding works of art has been appreciated by critics and people. Her traveling exhibition, from Washington DC to LA (Los Angeles), sold out a whopping 90,000 tickets were sold in advance in just two days.

Kusama is one of the most renowned exponents of this art form, as she has been working and developing the concept since the year 1965. One of her latest creations is the “All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins’. The size of the room is that of a small storage shed, on the outside. Once you step inside however, you will be carried away by the beauty of the colors and lights. You can make an infinity mirror room inspired by her ideas.

Each interior wall has been lined with mirrored panels, five in number and rectangular in shape. To make an infinity mirror room like this one, you would need 25 square mirrors. The floor of the structure is made from black glass and contains over 60 plastic and fiberglass pumpkin sculptures. Each sculpture glows with LED lights, and are adorned with stickers. The stems of the pumpkins have been painted with hand.

The infinity effect is produced perfectly in her artwork, with the lights as well as mirrors creating a unique, unforgettable effect.

How to make an infinity mirror

programmable-LEDImage Source :  cdn-shop.adafruit.com

Transform any of these DIY infinity mirror ideas into reality with these instructions, but before that, a little more information about infinity mirror:

To create the ‘infinity’ effect, you must have two mirrors which face each other, which reflect upon each other too. One light source is required to create the illusion. Any glass mirror can be used. Although any type of LEDs will work, you can opt for programmable LEDs to take your illusion to the next level.

Materials required:

Mirror, glass/PVC clear pane (same size as mirror), fairy bulbs or LED string, window film (mirrored), frames for mirror and glass, wooden splines for bulbs and frames. If you cannot find a window film, you can use tinted glass. Window films can be bought from automobile parts stores or online. Buy one which is transparent and on which the LED reflections can be seen clearly. But it should be dark enough to hide the LED lights inside. You can also buy a mirror which has a thick frame to make your work easier.


using-drill.Drill holes at the bottom of all four sides of the frame, after dismounting the glass. Then mount the LED strip on the mirror frames’ inside part, stringing the wires through the holes and attach them to the board. Test the lights to see if they are working.

Next, attach the window film on to the other glass pane, if you are not using tinted pane.

Then clean bottom mirror and glue it on the new frame you made or drill it if the frame is thick enough. Then plug in and view the results of your hard work!

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