7 Stylish glass staircase designs for contemporary homes

Stylish glass staircase

There have been constant upgradation and innovations in the sphere of home decors. Right from the fittings in the house to the staircases, the look and feel of the home décor is getting more modern and contemporary everyday. Glass staircases are another fad these days with all those, who are keen to give the sleek and modern aesthetics to the house.

Glass staircases are sleek, stylish, and a perfect décor for the contemporary houses with regal appeal. Glass staircase can change the aesthetics of your house completely by adding a lot of glamor and elegance to it. There are also various types and designs of glass staircases that you can decide as per the entire layout of your house. Here are seven stylish glass staircase designs for contemporary homes to make it look majestic and luxurious.

1. Tekna light staircase

Tekna light staircase

A spiral glass staircase can add-up a lot of aesthetical value of your house with its regal and elegant touch. Since, the wood staircases are a passé now; the spiral glass staircase is touching the new milestones of its popularity. The glass staircase designed by Tekna light is a beautiful creation with smooth steel structure combined with laminated crystal glass steps to add the dash of glamor to your house. Satin 304, stainless steel has been used to give durability to the staircase structure. The beautiful glass steps give the elegant and posh look to the spiral staircase.

2. Straight staircase with lateral stringers

Straight staircase with lateral stringers

The straight staircase with lateral stringers is to add the contemporary and elegant feel to your house. Beautiful and stylish, the staircase is made of metal frame and has glass steps to make it unique and glamorous. The lateral stringers are to add the distinct look in the over all aesthetics of the staircase and the house. The glass staircase with lateral stringers is perfect for home as well office addition.

3. Nika glass staircase Mobirolo

Mobirolo Nika Glass Staircase

The Mobirolo Nika glass staircase is made of triple laminate and has toughened glass for steps and modular steel central spine for support. The Nika glass staircase by Mobirolo with the estimated price of £12,592.50 (inclusive of 15% VAT) is available with a various options of handrail including wood and metal. The glass staircase by Mobirolo is available with range of balustrade options for you to choose to match with the entire aesthetics of the house.

4. Twisting beam with glass

Twisting beam with glass

The ultra glam and sleek staircases by Philip Watts Design in Nottingham, England are to change the visual appeal of your house completely. The glass staircase with beautifully twisting beam is one such Avant-Garde staircase by Philip Watts. The glass staircase features a helical rolled beam with structurally bonded glass treads that rises within a glass shaft. The beautiful glass staircase is to add the distinct glamour to the house.

5. Steel-glass staircase

Steel-glass staircase

Bubugao staircase Co.Ltd., formerly known as Sanhuan Funiture factory has been designing, developing and producing different kinds of stairs. The company has now developed the steel glass staircase. The indoor staircase applies the robustness and strength of stainless steel. With precisely polished glass fixtures and the finely crafted screw elements; the steel-glass staircase has the modern yet simple application of glass panels instead of conventional handrails. The size and shape of the round stainless steel caps in the stair system can be tailored as per your requirements. There are different screw elements available to comply with different stair materials. The steel-glass staircase is sure to add a dash of glamor to your house.

6. Staircase with lateral stringers

Staircase with a lateral stringers

Another staircase with lateral stringers is by Trescalini, known as a specialist of high standard contemporary staircases in glass, steel, and wood. The straight staircases Elite quarter has the steel frame for intermediary platform to turn and glass stairs to add up to the sleek and stylish look of the staircase. The glass railing with steel handrail is to give the staircase a distinct look.

7. Circular stair: Isometric

Circular Stair – Isometric

Let your imagination flow with this stunning circular glass stairs. The beautiful and elegant look of the staircase is sure to add a lot of glamor to the aesthetics of your house. The circular stair Isometric with glass steps is beautifully designed. Along with the stainless steel railing and sleek screw elements circular stair Isometric is a complete show stealer. The sleek staircases are specifically engineered to fit your needs and can also be designed in various shapes, sizes, and with a myriad of glass colors and types. Glass staircases are surely to give your house a contemporary and modern look with the lots of glam appeal.

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