7 Swimming Pool Cleaners for Home Usage

Swimming pool is an ideal place to relax and have fun with family and friends. A clean pool makes the experience more enjoyable. These days the market is flooded with a range of pool cleaners. But only few among them have all the essential required features. The desired features include operational ease, compactness, power saving, speedy operation and reliability etc.

Let’s take a look at the best swimming pool cleaners for home usage.

1. Nitro wall scrubbers pool cleaner:

Price: This robotic pool cleaner is available for $799.97 only.

Nitro wall scrubbers pool cleaner

Description: This robotic pool cleaner will clean almost everything from your pool. It works in a versatile manner. This pool robot will vacuum, scrub and clean the entire pool leaving it sparkling bright. It is available in a blue color model. As soon as it is started, it gobbles up each bit of debris, leaves and sand from the pool. It has the biggest capacity filter bag. The Geo pro brushes clean up the fiberglass and concrete pools. The navigation system is intelligent which changes the direction of the cleaner automatically.

It incorporates dual direct drive motors, which provide greater traction and pinpoint navigation to the cleaning unit. The unit is light weight, measuring 13lbs in weight. It is quite compact and easy to remove from the pool, once the cleaning is over. The Quick drain system drains out the water from the unit as soon as the unit is removed from the pool. It operates safely at a 12 volts supply. This cleaner reduces the need for back washing your pool filter and hence promotes water conservation. It also reduces the pool chemical composition, thereby helping the environment.

Product USP:

It is a light weight cleaner offering powerful performance.

Pros and cons:

  • The cleaning unit is low in energy consumption and operates silently.
  • The two year limited warranty on this product is an added advantage.
  • This cleaner is compatible with all types of pools and provides the same gentle cleaning.

2. Polaris 360 In ground pool cleaner:

Price: This quality Polaris product is priced at $549.

Polaris 360 In ground pool cleaner

Description: This powerful pool cleaner is one of the most advanced cleaners. It features a state of the art technology. It cleans scrubs and sweeps every corner of the swimming pool. The cleaner cleans walls of any size or material. It requires just 17 psi pressure to operate. It also features an in line backup valve which helps the cleaner to free in case it gets struck in a corner, thus ensuring uninterrupted operation. This cleaner runs quiet and smooth. A unique filter bag prolongs the life of filtration system, by removing the debris before it reaches the pump basket. Large debris like pebble, leaves and acorns can be easily picked up because of the large bottom opening of this cleaner.

Product USP:

To complement the swimming pools with dark bottom, the cleaner is available in a Black Max model.

Pros and cons:

  • Booster pump is not required.
  • The cleaner is covered under a one year warranty.
  • Its operation and maintenance is very uncomplicated.
  • Powerful and noiseless operation makes it one of the most desirable swimming pool cleaners.

3. AquaVac Tigershark QC pool cleaner:

Price: This intelligent automatic pool cleaner is available for $949.

AquaVac Tigershark QC pool cleaner

Description: This AquaVac pool cleaner is the most advanced form of all previous versions. It incorporates smart computer and sensors which allow it to adapt to any size, shape or type of pool. This smart pool cleaner cleans filters, scrubs and vacuums the complete pool length. It picks up the finest debris because of its six square feet impressive surface area, thus ensuring complete cleanliness. It features a reinforced cartridge filter element which is very easy to clean and replace.

It incorporates a unique shut off function, which enables cleaning the pool in just three hours. This function automatically switches the machine off on the completion of the cleaning cycle. Hence, you just have to place this cleaner in the pool and after three hours, the job is done. Hence, it facilitates cleaning more easily as was never before.

Product USP:

Though the cleaner is equipped with sensors and smart computer, it is quiet easy to operate.

Pros and cons:

  • It requires lesser energy as compared to other cleaners.
  • The product is covered under a one year unconditional warranty.
  • The removable cartridge is an easy to clean.

4. Dolphin diagnostic pool cleaner:

Price: This attractive robotic pool cleaner is priced at $683.33.

Dolphin diagnostic pool cleaner

Description: Dolphin pool cleaners are the most reliable pool cleaners among all available variety. This robotic cleaner can climb walls and ladders, can move around every type of paths for giving the best possible cleaning. It can clean pools of any type, making them free of algae, bacteria and other unwanted organisms. It not only cleans but also filters the water at the same time. It purifies approximately 4,750 gallons per hour.

It comes with a 50 feet cord for flexibility of reach, transformer and filter bags. It is so easy to operate, you just need to drop it in the pool and plug it on. It cleans approximately 4,200 square feet per hour. The debris is trapped in the internal filter bag. The automatic shut feature shuts the cleaner off, when the pool is completely clean. The filter bag is designed in a unique way to catch the finest debris without causing clogging.

Product USP:

If the cleaner needs servicing, the device identifies the problem itself and performs the necessary troubleshooting steps.

Pros and cons:

  • This pool cleaner is covered under a one year warranty.
  • It is one of the most energy saving and safest cleaners.
  • The operation and maintenance is simple.
  • The filter bag is reusable.

5. Aquabot pool cleaner:

Price: Aquabot pool cleaner is available for $649. No shipping charges are incurred for the product.

Aquabot pool cleaner

Description: This is a smart pool cleaner which is equipped with sensors and microprocessors. These electronic devices enable the cleaner to adjust to any type of pool. Each microprocessor is installed inside the cleaner by hand, to maintain the highest quality. The microprocessor is pre programmed in such a manner to enable the cleaner work in any pool environment. Its body is made of corrosion proof materials and has fewer moving parts, which cuts the maintenance costs.

It’s so easy to operate, just drop the cleaner in pool and plug it in. The cleaner can scrub, vacuum, brush and filter the entire pool dimensions. It can even perform complex steps like climbing walls, working around ladders and cleaning corners with ease.

The incorporated rear and front scrubbing brushes are rotated by Aquabot internal motors. The rotating brushes loosen all the dirt and unwanted particles which are further trapped in micro filter bag.

Product USP:

Its high suction power makes it powerful enough to pick up not only debris and dirt, but even large items like pine cones and sticks.

Pros and cons:

  • The built in filtration system purifies numerous gallons of water in each hour.
  • The operation is absolutely simple.
  • It requires almost no maintenance because of few moving parts.
  • Even if repair is required, it can be done with the help of simple tools.
  • It cuts your electricity bills drastically.

6. Hayward Navigator pool cleaner:

Price: This gorgeous pool cleaner is available for $466.75

Hayward Navigator pool cleaner

Description: This is an elegant design pool cleaner equipped with Smart drive technology. The incorporated technology guarantees efficient and quiet operation. It ensures proper and effective cleaning of all types of pools. It allows pool cleaning at a high pace. It is designed for beauty with performance. Its enhanced vacuum wings capture all types of dirt and keep your pool clean and beautiful. A 40 feet hose is provided with the cleaner.

Product USP:

This cleaner is one of the best in terms of aesthetics. The combination of nice looks with performance make it highlighted among other similar brands.

Pros: It cleans the pool quickly. A booklet and instructions videotape is provided to facilitate easy installation. The product is covered under a two year limited warranty.

7. Kreepy Krauly Legend II pool cleaner:

Price: This pool cleaner is priced at $499

Kreepy Krauly Legend II pool cleaner

Description: It is an automatic pool cleaner which delivers high quality performance consuming minimum power. It doesn’t require a booster pump. It requires only 14 psi pressure which can be easily provided by any in ground filter pump systems. It has total four wheels which prevent occurrence of tipping. The innovative design provides it with the required stability, while cleaning on inclined surfaces. It cleans most pools and almost everything in approximately one to three hours. It is easy to use. The automatic back up feature assures nonstop performance by preventing hang ups in corners. This cleaner consumes moderate amount of power. It incorporates heavy duty collection bags of extreme large capacity. These bags facilitate the ease of maintenance.

Product USP: This cleaner has dual thrust jets which ensure quality performance at high speeds.

Pros: Its four wheel design prevents the cleaner from tipping. It provides ease of maintenance and a constant performance working with any types of pools. The cleaner is covered under a one year limited warranty.

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