8 Feng Shui Tips for buying a new house

Interior structures must be paid attention to

A new home is like a dream come true for many. It is years of hard work put together for that ideal dwelling place. Since so much of efforts and emotions go into buying a house, it is important that there is enough positivity and absence of negative energy in your new house. That is precisely what feng shui is all about. It is about increasing the positive energy in your house so that everyone can benefit from it. In this article we are going to tell you all about how you can maintain the ideal conditions of feng shui while buying a new house. If you are buying a new property these tips will come in handy and give you the ideal home.

Some important tips while buying a new house

  1. The first room you see while entering is important:
    If you are buying a new house chances are that certain things would be there a certain way which would be difficult to change. For instance the first room that you will see upon entering is something you cannot alter. If it happens to be a bathroom, it is a chance that the wealth of the house would be drained. This can be helped with a bathroom door always closed and a mirror stuck to it but in case you enter to see a kitchen it is best to check out other houses as it could mean obesity and too much concentration on food.
  2. The placement of stove: In the ideal kitchen of your new property it is important that the placement of the stove is given much importance. It is a reflection of your career growth and the right location is crucial in this regard. The stove should be so placed that it is neither close to the sink nor to the refrigerator. Also make sure that the stove is not visible while one enters through the front door of the house.
  3. Check the condition of trees and plants:

    Whenever you are up for buying a new property it is important that you pay attention to the condition of the trees and plants there. It may indicate the kind of energy prevailing in that location. For instance the grass should be lush green and thriving and the flowers should be blooming if there is enough positive energy around the place. Check this as a shortcut measure to know more about the feng shui of the house as it is a clear indicator.
  4. The front door: To make sure that you tick every aspect in the feng shui checklist gets the front door right. It is very important for the positive energy flow so make sure that you get a large and strong front door. It is best not to have a front and back door alignment as you would not want the positive energy entering to leave the premises. Also take care to see to it that no trees or other obstructions are blocking the entrance of the house thus preventing the good energy from entering. Houses that will have front doors to their sides are to be avoided as they tend to obstruct the smooth flowing chi which is the positive energy.
  5. Interior structures must be paid attention to:
    Interior structures must be paid attention to
    The house that you are buying has to be one with very large rooms. Even large windows will help the inflow of positive energy. Try avoiding such houses that have staircases that point to the front doors. If there is a living room then it is best if it overlooks an open space or some kind of a playground. Do not have large beams on the ceiling as it might be a negative influence on the positivity of the house.
  6. Pay attention to the room’s positioning: While you are out buying a new house make sure that some bad feng shui signs are avoided. For instance a bathroom at the center of the house is not something that is good for your house. In fact it is known to bring in a lot of negativity and is thus to be avoided. The master bedroom is regarding as the dominant structure in the building. So it is important that this is located at the back side of your house. Do not have bathrooms located near the kitchen area or even the dining space as then it can be prone to certain illnesses.
  7. Pay attention to the location of the house:
    Feng Shui Tips for buying a new house
    Avoid choosing a house that has a sloping region at the backyards as such a construction is known to drive the positive energies away. In the same way ensure that the backyard is actually at a higher level than your house and the surroundings have clean and clear streets. To pick a house at the very end of the street would be a mistake as there is a chance that all the negative energy would find way into your house. So make sure that while buying a new house you pay attention to these details. Feng shui after all is very ancient science and is not to be neglected.
  8. The history of the house: It is important while buying a new house that you take into consideration the history of the house. For instance the previous owners play a role in the energy dynamics of the house. If the owners had a history of a horrible death or a divorce chances are that there is a problem with the energy of the house. If there has been a bad incident stay away from such houses as the negative energy often tends to manifest itself.

Final words

If you can maintain this above mentioned feng shui checklist chances are that you will be able to enjoy your new living. So make sure that if you are putting in so much of efforts into your new house, you start off by getting the right location. We wish you luck for the ideal house.

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