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How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your house?

choose the right vacuum cleaner

It is often said that the sign of a clean and balanced mind is a clean house. And though cleaning a house may seem like a frivolous and immensely time consuming chore, it is certainly the most essential. Most of the times, a superficial dusting the tops of most locations may seem like the best option but when that dust gets accumulated, it poses a massive health hazard. Remember, to do it, you need the right vacuum cleaner.

choose the right vacuum cleaner When it comes to cleaning, most people prefer a vacuum cleaner over the more traditional choices of brooms and mops. But most people have an intense love-hate relationship with this machine. Because some can be loud and clunky while increasing the energy bill exorbitantly.

The answer to all the problems lies in choosing the right vacuum cleaner that is most suitable for your house. And truthfully, choosing the right vacuum cleaner is a tad bit more complicated than scrolling through an online store and clicking the cheapest or most bought option.

Vacuum comes in all shapes and sizes and each one has a specialty of its own. There are hand held, wet/drys vacs, car vacuums and upright or canisters to name a few. But most of you are just looking for the option that ‘sucks up dust’

Here is a guide to choose and make correct choice of vacuum cleaner that is the most suitable for your house.

  1. Upright or canister:
    choose the right vacuum cleaner
    The right vacuum cleaner for you – The most imminent choice one has to make while choosing a vacuum cleaner, is whether to choose an upright one or one with a canister. Upright vacuums generally have a revolving brush that aids in cleaning and provide suction as well. They usually work well to clean carpets and floors as well. The array of detachable hoses and integrated extensions make this a great choice. However, vacuum cleaners with canisters are a more versatile choice. They work for not just for carpets and floors but other above-the-floor hard surfaces as well. They are also more maneuverable and can easily fit below furniture and can easily venture into tight spaces. The key point of difference between the two that will help you choose the one suitable for your house is the brush that is attached to each of them. Read the details carefully before buying.
  2. Bag or bagless: How to make correct choice? – For most people, this choice is an immensely personal one. It pertains to the health of the person or family that inhabits the house along with them. If you have people living in the house who have respiratory problems, choosing one with a bag is the only logical option. But, at the end of the day the answer to most problems lies with the proper disposal of crud once the entire house has been cleaned.If not properly disposed off, a cloud of dust is removed that gravitates back to the house. Most bagless vacuums also need to be properly cleaned from time to time. If this is not done, they can transport allergens and dust that have been cleaned back to the house. A bagless vacuum makes it difficult to seal the machine in case of any leakage and if the contents of a vacuum with a bag are not properly disposed, it can lead to health problems.
  3. Make the best choice according to your cleaning needs –

    Have a quick glance around your house and narrow down the list of surfaces that need cleaning. The choice of the right vacuum cleaner lies in the type of fixtures in the house that need regular cleaning. Though the main purpose of the vacuum is to clean the floor and other hard surfaces. If your house has stairs that need to be cleaned regularly, canisters work much better than the upright ones. However, if your house has wall-to-wall carpeting instead, an upright vacuum with deep-cleaning facilities is the better option. A key factor in choosing the right vacuum cleaner also lies with the traffic pattern in the house and the type of carpet one has. If most of the house witnesses heavy traffic or the carpet has dense synthetic fibers, choose a vacuum with heavy bristles or a revolving brush.
  4. Filtration should be rule of thumb in your guide to choose the right vacuum cleaner – An important aspect while choosing the right vacuum cleaner that is suitable for your house is filtration. This aspect is often overlooked which means particulates and crud accumulated from the house can often settled back as dust if a proper filtration system is not employed. The standard of a good vacuum is clearing 99.7 percent of particulates in the house. The High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is the standard a machine should adhere to. So, buying a ‘Certified HEPA’ or ‘Absolute HEPA’ machine is much better than buying ‘HEPA like’ or “HEPA Quality’ machine even if it is a little more expensive than the other options.

How much should you pay?

How much should you payThe next big question that a person encounters is how much is the right amount to spend on a vacuum cleaner. Well, truth be told, that depends entirely on the requirement. But spending anywhere between $399 and $899 is the best thing to do. If this seems very steep to you, remember that these machines are built to last at least 10-20 years. Also, these machines will at most be used once a week. So, the better machine you will buy, the more it is going to last and the cost per clean will reduce considerably.

Pick the best reviewed vacuum cleaner

choose the right vacuum cleanerThe second most essential thing is do not simply pick the most reviewed or highest rated item on your online store. Read the benefits of each machine carefully to choose the right vacuum cleaner that is suitable for your house.

Even though buying a new vacuum may seem daunting, the above four points will be your guide to choose the best option. You can now make correct choice and find the best vacuum that will help you keep your house in pristine condition.