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8 Simple Ways to Ensure a Healthy Home

Keep some indoor plants

Unbeknownst to us, a lot of household products that we use in our homes are either made out of petroleum or harsh chemicals. With use, the chemicals in these products escape into the air, where they act as toxins. They can cause several neurotic, reproductive, hormonal and developmental issues in the body. However, there’s not much to worry here, as there are some simple ways through which you can make your home healthier by keeping it safe from these chemicals. Here are 8 ways in which this can be effectively achieved.

Throw out toxic items


Let’s start with throwing out the essentially toxins products. They can harm the environment as well as the people living in it, in more than a few ways. Here is a list of things that you must dispose:

Plastic containers: Plastic containers contain harmful chemicals like phthalates and BPA. Daily wear and tear of plastic containers can cause these substances to escape into the air. These chemicals will affect everything that comes in contact with them. So throw away these plastic containers and stay safe from these chemicals.

Moisturizers: Surprisingly, a large number of moisturizers that we use contain chemicals that might affect our health in the long run. They might cause breast cancer, compromised fertility, birth defects, obesity and hyperactivity. So ditch these artificial moisturizers and replace them with more natural and organic ones like sesame oil, organic oil and shea butter, etc.

Microwavable popcorn:The bags containing the popcorn are usually coated with perfluoro chemicals (PFCs). PFCs are known to cause issues like  hypothyroidism, cancer, birth defects and immunity related issues. Make popcorn at home instead, no need to buy the artificial ones.

Vinyl Shower Curtains: These are usually made of toxic chemicals like phthalates, mercury and lead. These chemicals can affect the environment in more ways than one. So switch your vinyl curtains for more eco-friendly hemp or organic cotton shower curtains.

Air Fresheners: Shockingly, the very air freshener that you use to clear indoor air contains hundreds of chemicals that you hardly know about. Stay away from them.

Catch mold at the start itself


If you see molds on your walls then you must immediately deal with them. Molds grow rapidly in humid atmosphere. Check for leaks in plumbing fixtures, condensation around windows and insulation problems. These may cause water to seep into the walls. Fix these issues as soon as possible and keep mold away.

Make your home formaldehyde free

Although formaldehyde is considered natural, too much of it can be toxic for the body. It is usually found in glues that hold building products as well as the particleboards together. Formaldehyde is known to emit several toxic gases over a large period of time. Check for formaldehyde free furniture when you are looking to buy new ones. Or a better option would be to shop for second hand furniture or vintage ones that have already lost their formaldehyde. They will pose little or no threat to indoor air.

Stay away from flame retardants

To avoid house fires, many people used to keep flame retardants in their houses. Even today, these retardants can be found in every other home in US. These retardants are known to contain toxins that might have adverse effects on human body. They can cause anything ranging from reproductive issues and hormone disruption to cancer and fetal abnormalities. If you have a flame retardant at home, throw it away at once.

Opt for modular furniture

modular furniture

A number of homes have started opting for modular furniture these days. The biggest advantage of modular furniture is that they can be stowed away when they are not in use. This makes it easier for one to clean the corners of the house, which otherwise would have become dusty and moldy with time. This, in turn, will keep away the insects from your house and ensure that you live a healthy life.

Keep some indoor plants

Keep some indoor plants

Growing an indoor garden is a great way to purify indoor air. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. They are also instrumental in removing toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from indoor air. So consider growing a couple of indoor plants if you want to get these benefits.

Take off your shoes before entering your home

Not only the shoes bring dirt into the house, they also bring plenty of toxins, bacteria and a whole lot of other unwanted things. Taking off your shoes at the entrance itself will therefore, keep your home dirt and germ free.

Let go of the candles

Let go of the candles

Although they are considered as eco-friendly, candles, especially scented ones can buildup soot and many harmful chemicals like acrolein and formaldehyde inside your house. The soot can also land up on the indoor surfaces making it dirty in the process.


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Studies have revealed that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. However, there are always ways to curb this issue. You can make your indoor air cleaner by following these few simple tips. These tips will help you in keeping indoor air cleaner and healthier in the long run.