8 Ways you can repurpose old tires to create awesome items for your home

Having plenty of old worn out tires in your backyard that you simply don’t know what to do with? Consider repurposing them in several ways in and around your home. If you are looking for inspiration, then here are some excellent DIY ideas that would help you figure out what to do with those old tires.

Tire Swings

Tire Swings

One of the simplest ways to repurpose a tire is to turn it into a swing in the backyard. Simply hang it on a sturdy branch of a tree in the backyard using a strong rope. Paint the tire in bright colors beforehand to make it look trendier. Hang it horizontally or vertically to create an instant swing for your kids.

Tire Display Tables

display table

You can use the tires to make your own unique display table. Paint two to three tires in appropriate colors. Place one above the other and stick them together with a strong adhesive. Place a round glass on the tires, making sure the size of the glass is bigger than the tires while not too big that it topples over. Voila, your center table is ready.

Another alternative would be to place eight tires one above the other, painting them in bright colors. Do the same with eight more tires. Now place the tires at a distance from each other and place a wooden slab over them to create your very own display table.

Comfortable Tire Seaters


How about repurposing those tires into customized seaters? Paint two tires in appropriate colors and place them one above the other. Use an adhesive to stick the two tires together. Now place a slab of plywood at the top of the tire to close the opening, using more adhesive to stick it into place. Place a soft fabric at the top of the plywood to create an instant ottoman.

Customized Tire Pet House

Pet House

You can also use these tires to create your own customized pet house. All you need to do is cut the upper portion of the tire. Cover the inside of the tire with plywood and then place a soft mattress inside it to create a very comfortable bed for your pet.

Tire Planters

Tire Planters

Don’t be surprised if someone said that old, unused tires can make terrific garden planters. It can be as simple as placing the tire on the ground, filling its inside with soil and then planting a seed in it. You can also deviate from the standard arrangement by placing together a number of tires arranged as planters on the ground. Better yet, you can hang them from a sturdy tree branch to create mesmerizing vertical gardens.

Tire Beer Bottle Cooler

Beer Bottle Cooler made of old tyres

Fancy making a cooler that will keep your beer bottles cold enough for the entire duration of the party? A couple of tires will help you create one instantly. Place one tire above the other and stick them together using adhesive. Cover the bottom portion of the tire with plywood. Cover the top portion with plywood as well, but craft a door that can be opened and closed when needed. That’s it. Your homemade beer bottle cooler is ready.

Tire Cycle Stand

Tire Cycle Stand

This is really innovative idea that requires minimum effort. Cut a couple of tires in half and place them alongside each other on the ground in a way that the cut surface faces downwards. Stick the bottom of the tires to a wooden pole, ensuring that you maintain a very close distance between the tires. When placed on the ground, these tires can become the perfect cycle stand to park your cycles in.

Tire Containers

storage container

And finally, a very basic idea that also requires minimal effort. Pile a couple of tires one over the other,sticking them together with a strong adhesive. Paint the tires in a color of your choice and bring them indoors. The tires can now function as a storage container ready to store umbrellas, skis, baseball bats and hockey sticks, etc.

There is no need to throw away all those old tires in your home. From swings, planters and storage containers to seats, tables and pet beds, there are literally hundreds of ways to repurpose these tires around your home.

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