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A quick guide to the cleaning and maintenance of laminate floors

One of the most common choice for the floors and a brilliant one too, needs protection from the attacks of dirt, water, stains and filth. Learn the best ways to clean your laminate floor to keep them shining for years.

Common maintenance tips


We don’t even come to know how the most common scratches appear on the laminate floors. Sometimes people wonder that even after caring for them scratches appear. The culprit are the footwear, usually we wear the same footwear outside and inside the house. Dirt, sand, gravel, chemicals and what not sticks onto our footwear, and follow the path inside our house. Despite cleaning the floor regularly, it gets dirty and scratched from the stuff we just mentioned.

In many parts of the world, it is common practice to remove the footwear that is worn outside as soon as the person enters the home. There is a different pair for the indoors, all members have a different one for wearing inside the house. You can adopt this practice not only to protect your flooring but also to keep away the bacteria and the associated diseases from entering your rooms.



Avoid using a regular floor brush on the laminate flooring. The porcupine like bristles, or may be even little softer bristles can damage the flooring with scratches. Use a dry mop to dust the laminate floorings. Cleaning the floor with the dry mop on a regular basis will keep it shiny and prevent scratches. You can choose to dry mop it every day or on alternate days, depending upon the traffic on the floor.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning

If you find sand, gravel or dirty of the same size on your laminate floorings regularly, it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner before mopping it. Else, these particles will enjoy gliding over your floor and leave marks. Use a vacuum cleaner at least when you are able to see or feel the dirt below your feet. Mopping would be effortless and faster after the vacuum cleaning session.

Save the laminate from the liquids

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Little Jim or a guest may spill a liquid on the laminate floor that you admire the most. Don’t just wait for it to settle down or be soaked completely by the floor. Take a sponge or a cloth and clean the spill. You can dampen the cloth or the sponge with water to remove stains. Remember to just soak the cloth in water and not drench it, even water if stays for a longer duration on the laminate flooring can cause harm to it.

Using Luke warm water

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Water is the mildest of all cleaning liquids. For a proper maintenance of laminate floors, it is advisable to clean it with water once in a month or two. You can do it after a party, or when the floor gets a bit too dirty. Using, lukewarm water will help you remove the dirt or stains if any with ease. This way the fine protective layer on your laminate flooring will not be damaged. If the floor is damp after cleaning it with like warm water, use a dry mop to make it completely dry and shinning.

For any stains that do not go away with lukewarm water, use vinegar mixed with water. Take about 30 ounces of water and pour in about ¼ cup of vinegar in it. Use this solution to get rid of the stubborn stain.

Laminate floors are easy to maintains, as long as you give them the little care they need. Some simple tips can keep your laminate floorings shiny and clean for years to come.

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