Ideas for making the most out of stylish coffee tables

A coffee table is one of the most important elements of your living room. A tray on a coffee table will help you organize the stuff neatly on the coffee table. An appropriately arranged coffee tray can add to the style of your décor. Here is how you can begin.


coffee tray can have a bud vase

Flowers bring in life and fragrance in any place they are arranged. Your coffee tray can have a bud vase or a flower vase with flowers in them. A little water in the base of the vase will keep the natural flowers fresh for two to three days. You can also make use of artificial flowers in the vase. These can be changed with other artificial flowers frequently, so that you do not get bored.

You can also make use of the fresh flower petals. Take a glass bowl and fill three-quarters with water and put some fresh flower petals in it. Keep the bowl in the coffee tray and admire the beauty. These petals in water will remain good for a couple of days. You can also use two or more flowers for decoration in the bowl of water.

Trendy and modern

coffee tray magazines

A tray with the contemporary artifacts will give a modern appeal. A large tray on the table with small ceramic or porcelain vases, magazines and a contemporary piece of art is what you need. The coffee table will be trendier and will have more of an artistic appeal with this sort of an arrangement. You can also place a statue of laughing Buddha in the tray, which is a symbol of happiness and contentment.

With eatables

coffee trays

Instead of keeping a single tray, keep two trays on the table. Fill the mason jars with eatables that you would relish while watching TV or movies. Keep the jars in the two coffee trays that are displayed on the table. Another idea would be placing the jars with the eatables in one tray and a book and reading glasses in another tray.

Industrial appeal

tray with a metallic look

A tray with a metallic look and stylish metallic handles will result in an industrial appeal. A metal plate with carvings on it, a book that you are currently reading may be placed in the metallic tray. A metallic chain can be arranged at the periphery of the tray for the enhanced industrial effect. If the coffee table below the tray is wooden, you can add metal pipes on the edges of the table to intensify the industrial appeal.



Place a tray and fill the tray with magazines or books to the top so that the tray becomes a box. Keep candles with glass holders on it. The fragrance of scented candles will clam the ambience and mesmerize you. A vase holding flowers on the table would further beautify the coffee table.

Secret storage

Secret storage

Do you recall how easily the table clutters? You can put a little stuff in the coffee tray, the remainder in a basket and place the basket in the lower shelf of the coffee table. A beautiful marble box in the coffee tray itself can hold some things. A deck of cards, TV remote or the controller of Xbox can easily be placed in the marble box. It could also be a wooden box in place of a marble box. Beautiful carvings on the wooden box will make it look like a piece of decoration.

Coffee trays on the coffee table can do so much to improve the aesthetics of your living room. Apply what you just read and make a personalized statement with the inspiring ideas. You will definitely feel rewarded after receiving compliments from friends and family.

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