Achieve Your Goals With These 8 Self-Improvement Apps

We could all stand to improve ourselves. One of the most famous Michael Jackson songs hit on just how important it is to focus on personal improvement for societal change:

I’m starting with the man in the mirror.

I’m asking him to change his ways.

And no message could have been any clearer:

If you wanna make the world a better place,

Take a look at yourself and then make a change.

We use our phones in nearly every aspect of our lives, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there are many apps designed to help you work on self-improvement. Check out your new Android smartphone or iPhone 6 details and features to see what these self-help apps could do to make your life more focused, less stressed, and better all around.



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If learning another language is on your bucket list then this is the ultimate app for you. Duolingo uses the input of users to map translations and teach languages. Take mini lessons and quizzes to make learning Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, and Portuguese fun and easy while on-the-go.



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Tracking calories, sugar intake, and workouts just got a lot easier with the MyFitnessPal app. The app allows users to track their progress, map goals, and interact with other users. Millions of people have lost weight, with numbers recorded on their free MyFitnessPal profiles to keep them motivated and shedding pounds in a healthy combination of better eating and exercise.

Just add each meal, selecting from popular options, and add any workouts accomplished for the day to track calories burned. MyFitnessPal will even suggest a diet based on calories, sugar, and sodium intake (or you can select different areas you want to watch) and warn you when you’ve reached your limit for the day, helping you discern the foods that are pushing you over the edge of a balanced diet. When armed with a reliable network and the latest smartphone, staying healthy anytime and anywhere is a reachable goal.


You’ve probably already seen the commercials for this app that is supposed to train your brain. Lumosity provides interesting brain exercises that are based on a personal training program for the mind.


Using the GPS on your phone, you can use the free Nike+ to track your workouts and record your progress. The slick app is exactly what you would expect from Nike—simple, elegant, and very cool. You can “friend” other Nike+ users and share your workouts on other social media platforms, like Facebook, to increase your competition level.


Choose simple habits you would like to implement and work towards a better you. From flossing your teeth daily to cleaning out the refrigerator weekly, you can list top changes and then “check in” every time the task is completed. Learn a skill, be productive, work on personal problems, and more with one-on-one expert coaching and community support through Lift.


Track your daily tasks and keep yourself straight with Any.DO. Alerts, alarms, recurring reminders, cloud sync, and other convenient features make staying focused just that much easier. Mark completed tasks as you tackle to-do lists at the home or office.


Resolve problems, boost motivation, or work through “stuck” moments with this free app. You can diagnose your actions, discovering when you are stuck because you are being a tunnel visionary, lone leader, or a waffler. Digital advice and the Unstuck community can also help you with tips and encouragement. Solve even technical issues by uploading screenshots for the community to analyze.



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Research has shown that gratitude and contemplating the things you are thankful for boosts your overall mood. Happier is a free app where you can share positive moments throughout your day with a note or photo. The Happier community can “smile” or comment on your updates, making only the best things in life worth sharing through this app.

Look for apps that help you improve the areas you feel are lacking in your life. This list has only scratched the surface of the available improvement apps with some of our favorites. What are your favorite self-improvement apps? Make the world a better place when you focus on the inward change.


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