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Your roof top garden is a chest full of advantages

Most urban houses have little space around their home for landscaping and installing grass lawns. People who live in apartments are also unable to enjoy the benefits of a lawn and have to be happy with planting trees indoors. Rooftop gardens give respite from this problem and lets urban dwellers enjoy greenery within their household.

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A rooftop garden is basically a thick layer of vegetation that keeps the house cool in summer months, reduces energy bills and also provides fresh oxygen to the residents. If you have a roof then you may also consider installing a layer of vegetation or grass lawn. Many urban dwellers are using their rooftop garden for producing organic vegetables for daily cooking. In the following you will find out the many benefits of rooftop gardening.

Better air quality

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Air pollution is a serious problem faced by urban dwellers. Breathing polluted air can lead to major ailments like lung infection, asthma and breathing troubles. For better air quality, you should consider installing rooftop garden. Rooftop garden comprises of green plants and layer of green grass, which can help in purifying the air and supplying fresh oxygen.

Plants and grasses of your rooftop garden absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Increased amount of oxygen and reduced amount of carbon dioxide can make the air cleaner and better for human health. Rooftop gardens reduce the requirement of air-conditioning, which in turn decreases the production of green house gases, and keep the environment cleaner.

Protects the roofs

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By installing rooftop gardens, you can keep the roof above your head safe and protected. Apart from cleaning seasonally, we do not do much for maintaining the roof. It stays exposed to the elements of nature like sunlight, rain, hail and snow all year round. As a result, it gets decayed and cracks may form on its surface over time.

The increasing and decreasing temperature either expands or constricts the surface of the roof causing damage to its construction. A layer of green can help in safeguarding the surface of the roof from heat, storm and snow. Another benefit of installing the rooftop garden is that it filters rainwater and prevents storm water from running off into the sewage system and polluting water.

Rooftop garden can reduce your energy bills

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The urban areas get more heated during the summer months. The reason behind this is that the sun rays heat up concrete, asphalt and other constructional materials more easily than natural elements like trees and lawns. The urban areas are called heat islands for this reason. During winter months, the conserved heat energy keeps people warmer and happier.

In summer, the excess heat makes air-conditioning machines work harder for cooling the homes. Rooftop garden prevents sun from channeling heat through the roof and keeps the temperature lower. This in turn makes it easier for the air conditioning machines to cool your rooms.

Less use of the air conditioning machine helps homeowners in keeping the energy bills low and saving energy. In winters, the same layer of grass on the roof will act as insulation and prevents heat from going out of the house.

Aesthetic value and added beauty

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Among the many benefits of installing rooftop garden, we should not forget that it has the capability of enhancing our surroundings. Rooftop garden improves the aesthetic value of your property and increases its market price. Urban areas are nothing but concrete jungles and amidst that jungle, if you can afford to have a slice of Eden then it is undoubtedly a privilege.

Rooftop gardens enhance the quality of air in your home and reduce energy bills. A patch of green on the roof creates a lovely ambience and increases the market value of residential properties.