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All you need to know about the luxurious walk-in bathtubs

Purchasing a bathtub for your bathroom can be overwhelming but not when you know a product’s description and your requirements right. One of the types is the walk-in bathtub, and if you are planning to buy one, we are here with everything you need to know about them before your purchase.

What are walk-in bathtubs?


A walk-in bathtub is designed keeping a special group of users in mind and it serves the same purpose every bathtub serves, though a bit differently. It enables people with restricted movement have a safe, comfortable, and a convenient bath. People with painful arthritis, old people, and people with other physical limitations can have a cozy bath in a walk-in bathtub with ease. They just have to walk in to the tub and close the door, sit and enjoy their bath time.

Traditional bathtubs require people to lift their legs in order to enter the bathtub. The walk-in bathtubs eliminate any sort of lifting limbs, as you just have to open the door on its side and walk in without lifting up your legs. You enter and sit, close the door and it prevents water from flowing or leak out. Once you are done bathing, you can press the drain button and the water quickly drains out.

Features of a walk-in bathtub that make it special

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A walk-in bathtub probably would not be a priority for someone who is only on a lookout for aesthetic interest but surely for someone who is interested in adding safety to his bathroom. Here are the features that add to its value and to your bathroom’s value as well:

Anti-scald technology

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This point is going to clear a doubt of so many people who think it is somewhat risky to walk into a walk-in bathtub. Question that haunts them is what if the water gets too hot while a person is sitting inside tub while bathing or what if it gets chilly.

Get rid of this doubt because walk-in bathtubs are designed using anti-scald technology that ensures no fluctuation in temperature takes place. Once you choose a particular temperature level, it maintains that level throughout, so stop worrying and enjoy bathing in it.

High Powered Massage Jets

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These bathtubs are equipped with high-powered massage jets that help the user relieve muscle tension and inflammation, relaxes entire body and helps de-stress. Walk into your home after a tiring day out and then walk in to a walk-in bathtub and walkout all fresh and happy.

A door for easy access

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Aged people and the ones with restricted physical movement cannot use traditional bathtubs owing to their risky access. Lifting legs to enter it can make aged people fall and the ones with joint pain just cannot do it. A walk-in bathtub enables such people to enjoy pleasures of bathing in a tub but while being safe and comfortable, as it requires opening a door, letting in, sit and close the door.

Slip-resistant make

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Traditional bathtubs become slippery when they are wet but the modern and extremely safe walk-in bathtubs do not. They do not only ensure a safe walk-in and walkout but a safe overall bathing experience. The bottom and the overall inside structure is made with non-skid material that ensures user does not slip or skid.

Space saver

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Not all bathrooms are big enough to install bathtubs but they certainly can install a walk-in bathtub. These are small so can ideally fit into a small bathroom as well. Tucked in a corner, a walk-in bathroom can give you a similar pleasant experience that a traditional bathtub does.

Walk-in bathtubs are a great option for bathrooms that are small. Although anybody can use it but they serve old people or people with restricted physical movement the best.