Audibly + visually pleasing = Zen doorbell and other doorbell design ideas

Zen doorbell design ideas

The usual conventional doorbells are monotonous and sometimes a little bit of innovation and ideas can twist them into interesting ones. They are great ways to make sure that the visitors visit you again and again, or at least leave a lasting impression. The doorbells can come in various shapes and sizes.  Here are some doorbell design ideas for you

Zen doorbell design ideas

Zen doorbell design ideasBored of the same monotonous ting-tong doorbell sound? Now& Zen brings an elegant doorbell which lures you not only audibly but also visually. The doorbell adds elegance and aesthetic sophistication to your environment and looks good in any room. Nevertheless, the beauty lies in its sound but it also makes for a decorative accessory. The six-inch brass bowl and cherry wood base add to its look and make it a decorative and aesthetically pleasing accessory for your room. The acoustic brass bowl-gong fills your environment with beautifully complex tones whenever it strikes, which can be easily adjusted from soft, subtle ring tones to loud, bold gongs that can be heard throughout the house.

Moreover, the doorbell comes with the radio-controlled wireless wood control button which makes it mount easily to your front door’s threshold with no wiring required. Unlike other doorbells, this bell serves various other purposes with its unique sound. It serves as a paging device (so you can summon your butler, or more likely your kids to the dinner table), or by retail environments for use as a front counter bell. The Zen Doorbell can also be used to call meetings to order, or as a way to signal an accomplishment or the scoring of points. With various possibilities, the bell is priced for $129.95 which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the naturally-resonant sound of its rich acoustic gong.

Unique doorbells to impress your guests at the doorstep

Deer Butt Doorbell

Deer Butt Doorbell

They are attractive pieces of decorative doorbells which lends a wild angle to reception at your entrance. A deer butt shaped doorbell is fun to look at and even more fun to ring! The sound it produces is a very funny farting sound. So, the doorbell can actually take your guests by surprise and you are sure to open the door to people almost rolling on the ground with laughter. If this is just not your thing and the comic element is a bit too much, then there are several other interesting alternatives on offer.

Enter Key doorbell design ideas:

It is altogether a geeky affair with a fun angle to it. Computer savvy people will love to have it at their door and press it as well. It will also showcase the likes and interests of the people who dwell in the house. It’s cool yet simple. It is quite simple to attach an enter key from an old keyboard, using a little bit of glue. This innovative idea; can actually twist an usual boring doorbell into an interesting piece to announce the arrival of guests at the door in a geeky way.

Nuclear Doorbell:

Nuclear DoorbellThe doorbell is wireless and quite an interesting piece. It is loud and will grab your attention instantly. You can also be sure that it will not create any nuclear wastage. When the doorbell is pressed, the nuclear bell flashes and a loud sound draws your attention towards it and the people inside the house are alerted about the presence of guests at the door. The noise can get annoying and persistent at times if you fail to answer the door immediately. A small piece of advice,if you are not very keen on frightening your guests away with the commotion created, then answer the door as quickly as possible.

Dominic Wilfox’s Doorbell:

It is a freaky device  displays visitor statistics like the most frequent visitor; it also displays information like unique visitors, total number of visitors and average the time of visit. The Wilfox’s doorbell is the best stats an obsessive person can have. Apart from that, it also shows off ones blogging passion. It is highly hi-tech and very unlike a mere doorbell and so creates an impression with ease.

Bronze Frog Doorbell:

Bronze Frog Doorbell

This is a charming piece and will interest the people visiting you. It is made up of solid bronze and the doorbell button is placed inside the mouth of the frog. Thjs bell will awe your guests; and is quite easy to install as well with the help of the lighted button. It has been designed and created in Pennsylvania and is an entertaining doorbell to have.

Musical Doorbell:

replace the monotonous and age-old ding-dong. It creates different tunes and music once you press the button. It is the sweetest welcome you can offer someone and if the tune is one of your favorite, then it s sure to work wonders on your mood.

Eyeball Doorbell:

Eyeball DoorbellThe visitors will be a little apprehensive about ringing the bell as it is creepy to look at and could freak out a few of those guests. If you are looking for fun and like playing pranks then its just the thing you need to get started with. The visitors will have a hint of what could follow inside the house with the kind of welcome they receive at the door. The Halloween party will have the right beginning if you have this piece at your door. It is fairly simple and basically has an eyeball which works as a bell. It is quite creepy and the visitor needs to muster a lot of guts to finally summon you by squishing that eye ball.

MP3 doorbell:

It is among the latest that the doorbells’ market can offer. Technology infused with fun, produces this doorbell. The bell can store up to 300 songs which you can change as and when you desire. It is a wireless device and keeps your guests entertained if they have a boring and lengthy wait and keeps your mood perked up at the same time.

Knock Knock Chime doorbell design ideas:

Knock Knock Chime doorbellIt can baffle your visitor to a large extent as whenever someone knocks at your door, a door chime will ring. The knock knock chime doorbell is extremely interesting and puzzling; at the same time and can take your guest for a ride, if that’s what you are planning for. This bell is very interestingly attached to the inside of the door. The door has a knock detector and as soon as anyone knocks at the door, a wind-chime sounds to alert the people inside. It is simple but quite confounding when the knock is answered by a melodious chime.

Wine – Glass doorbell design ideas:

The common doorbell concept has been given an elegant twist by designer Peter Van Der Jagt. His new doorbell is made of two wine glasses, which produces an enchanting rhythm on being struck and welcomes the guests with a toast. It is quite different from the conventional doorbells and makes a unique statement of its own.

Wired musical chimes doorbell plays music

Wired musical chimes doorbell plays musicYou have one chance to make a guess as to what’s the product pictured above! Radiator, is it? Naaah! It’s a doorbell! That when skipping unleashes the latest modern pop hit, your favorite classic tune, or anything other audio track. Also, you could add a clip from a film, geeky electric static or anything you love to hear! Mike Skene is the inventor of this elegant contemporary wood tower with the chimes. There is a subtle jack that lets you link your portable MP3 player or other digital device so that you can upload the latest song of choice and let you guests play for you. Now guys, it’s time to remove the traditional doorbells, for wired musical chimes are here to play digital tunes!

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