Basics to follow when choosing a color for your ceiling

When deciding to paint a room, most of us tend to miss out on the so called fifth wall. Aka the ceiling, the fifth wall of the room also opens up a lot of possibilities for interior décor in ways you would have never thought of before. Here are some ways in which you can paint the ceilings in your home as well as some tips that will help you while painting them.

Paint in Varied Color Tones

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While most prefer to keep their ceilings white, painting them in a different color can add visual appeal to a room. When choosing the appropriate color for the ceiling, take into consideration the color chosen for the walls in the room. A room with dark colored walls can benefit from a light colored ceiling which gives the illusion of a more expansive room.

That said and done, of the walls of the room feature a lighter color, you can paint the ceiling in a darker shade of the same color. In addition to providing a dramatic effect to the room, this will balance out the available space evenly.

Use Murals

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Feeling bold? Then consider transforming an otherwise bland ceiling into a ceiling mural. Painting murals on the walls is a great idea if you want the room to have a fresh appeal. Furthermore, it can play the perfect backdrop to balance out a heavily decorated room where there is minimal space for wall murals. Plus, it is a great idea for a kid’s room, especially with patterns like clouds and stars that draw the eyes upwards upon entering the room.

Stretch from Wall to Ceiling

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Many experts advise against painting the walls and the ceiling the same color as it would give the illusion of a smaller, cramped up space.  What you can do however, is find a creative way to stretch a paint or mural from the wall to the ceiling without making it look too crowded. For instance, a wall mural that starts from behind your bed can extend up to the ceiling and from it for the length of the bed to create a dreamy effect that is hard to miss.

Try Metallic Effects

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A new trend in interior design involves the use of pearlescent and metallic effects to obtain a glazing effect that is guaranteed to make heads turn towards the ceiling. The use of these effects also includes the use of textures and dimensions to create a wow factor that will most definitely make the ceiling stand out.

Tips to follow when painting the ceiling

Here are some important pointers you need to take note of when painting a ceiling.

Paint the ceiling with the walls:

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It is advised to match the ceiling color with the color on the walls by changing only the shades. Painting the rest of the room and leaving the ceiling untouched will make the latter look like cheap plaster otherwise.

Know where to start and stop painting:

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If the room has timber framing and molding, you will find it easier to know where to start painting the ceiling and where to stop. However, when working with flat or plane surfaces you need to be more careful on where to start painting. Accordingly, the best place to start is where two flat surfaces meet. Tape of this dividing line evenly in order to avoid uneven paint lines later on.

When decorating your home, don’t forget the ceiling which can also play an important focal point of interest in a room. Decorating this fifth wall can make any room in your home look anywhere from casual and laidback to elegant and dramatic instantly.

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