BatheXercise lets you workout in the shower

What is the single biggest excuse that people give to
justify why they don’t work out? That they don’t have enough time for it in
their packed schedule. This has led to the development of various hybrid workouts
and even ways a workout can be fitted right into your daily chores. As inspired
as using vacuuming and dusting to tone your arms and taking the stairs to get
your daily dose of cardio sounds, it isn’t “fun” and hence people just skip
doing so and then crib about how they have no time for a “proper” workout.

And that is where the BatheXercise system by designers Li
Lin and Chen-Yu Lee comes in really handy. The system is designed to give you a
workout during a shower. And since a shower is the only time that allows most
people to take their minds off work and chores, it provides them with the
perfect way to get a workout in without feeling stressed.

The BatheXercise system features a set of three basic
workout tools including a dumbbell, a shower gel/soap dispenser and a toning
tube. The dumbbell can be used while standing in the shower, sitting in the
bathtub or on the toilet to shape arms while the dispenser can be used to stretch
out hamstrings and the lower back if placed on the floor during showers. 

Of the
three, the toning tube is by far the most interesting and functional as it is
covered by a loofah that can be used to scrub the back or torso while working
out the back or the pecs. The BatheXercise system was one on the entireties at
the 2013 TISDC Design Competition and we hope to see it on store shelves soon

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