Ergonomically carved chair by Trine Kjaer Design Studio

Haptic processes play an important role in communications throughout the world, across cultures. Ranging from a kiss on the cheek and hugging to waving of hands and putting out one’s tongue, non-verbal communications or haptics is also a way to transcend barriers of language. That is exactly what Trine Kjaer has achieved through the design of his Haptic Chair. 

The idea behind this piece of furniture is to create a chair which literally ‘touches’ the user in ways more than one. The chair has been made from wood which has been artistically and ergonomically carved. The backrest and seating cushion have been created from what look like fabric cables. However, they provide great seating comfort. 

The specialty of the chair is its gentle curves and elegant shapes which invite the user to automatically explore and investigate the chair by touch. Though it is the sense of sight that initially attracts one to the chair, it is the sense of touch which makes the user fall in love with it.

Thus, it is no surprise that all the focus in the chair’s design is on the haptic sensitivities of the human body. For instance, the areas on the chair which come in touch with the hands are delicate, fine and with great craftsmanship. At the same time, the areas which support the back have a more tactile and rougher character. 

Added to all these, the Haptic chair has a refreshingly contemporary and modern design. It is indeed a masterpiece from the design studios of Trine Kjaer. 

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