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Beautiful Franke kitchen sinks

In 1911, Hermann Franke laid the foundations of his sheet metal business in Rorschach in Switzerland and began producing dormer windows, skylights and oven tops in the next decade. The company’s sink lines came into being in the 1930’s and these units were manufactured in stainless steel, monel-metal and nickeline until the Great Wars disrupted the supply of materials though the company saw a great upswing in production and demand for their sinks after WWII has only gone up since. These days, Franke kitchen lines and sinks are considered to be the epitome of kitchen luxury and offer great practicality without compromising on style.

Contemporary Centinox Kitchen Sink By Franke

The Centinox kitchen sink is an award winning design that was one of the biggest trend setters for the year 2011. The sleek contemporary kitchen fixture comes with stainless steel mixer parts and minimal parts. The Franke original design offers multiple functions that improve efficiency while maximizing space in the kitchen. The design of the sink gives the illusion of being an undermount which allows the accessories accompanying the sink along a ledge which enhances counter space. The Centinox Kitchen Sink by Franke is also offered with a special pull-down spray jet swivel that adds another layer of functionality to the fashionable sink.

Franke AMX-671E Double Bowl Drop in Corner Sink

Corner sinks are a great way to maximize functionality inside a smaller kitchen. The Franke AMX-671E Double Bowl Drop in Corner Sink is one such luxuriant sink that allows users the chance to fit their kitchens with a top end sink that boosts functionality instead of limiting it. The corner sink requires a base cabinet that measures 36 inches or more for installation. The drop in corner sink is made in nickel, chromium and Armonia Stainless Steel which ensures an easy-to-maintain, lasting and rust-free shine.

Franke ARX12031 Artisan Double Bowl Sinks

Franke ARX12031 Artisan Double Bowl sinks are perhaps the best undermount sinks currently available in the market. The twin bowls allow users to maximize function and intelligently use the space in their kitchen. The sinks require a minimum cabinet size of 33 inches to be installed and provide ample space for all kitchen related activities. The twin bowls allow multiple users to use the sink at the same time and enhance the flow of work in the kitchen.

Franke Erica Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel 1½ Bowl & Drainer

The Erica Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel 1½ Bowl & Drainer by Franke is a great one-stop solution for smaller kitchens that cannot spare extra counter space for an extra waste drainer system. The entire sink system is fashioned in stainless steel which means that it can be easily cleaned and maintained to a spit shine for years to come. The twin combined waste and overflow in the system make it the perfect addition to smaller kitchen spaces.

Franke ARX11013 Artisan Undermount Entertainment Bar Sinks

The Franke ARX11013 Artisan Undermount Entertainment Bar Sink are the best in class solutions for bar and entertainment counter sink requirements. The undermount sinks feature stainless steel bowls as well as stainless steel accessories that allow the sink to shine like an ornament no matter what kind of stone or tile you have on your counter or backsplash. The petite undermount sink requires just 15 inches on the base cabinet which makes it a great investment for home bars.

Franke ARX12030 Franke Artisan Double Bowl Undermount Sinks

Yet another gem from Franke, the Franke ARX12030 Franke Artisan Double Bowl Undermount Sink is a simple and unassuming undermount sink for the kitchen that more than makes up for its lack of glossy style with its emphasis on functionality.

Polyedra Sink by Franke

In the world of sinks, the Polyedra Sink by Franke has got to be the undoubted and undisputed supreme champion in every since of the word. The sink is designed to appear stylish not only from the top when viewed from over the counter but also from the underside of the counter. The diamond cut multifaceted underbelly of the Polyedra features a regular simple, square sink up top that boosts functionality for the user.