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Best Tankless Water Heaters of 2017

There is nothing better than a hot bath after a tiring day or during the cold climate. Traditional water heaters are big in size and take-up a lot of space. Even the time taken to heat the water varies depending upon the storage space of the tank. They also take up a lot of space since they are big in size. If you are looking for ways to save space and get the maximum benefit of hot water, then tankless water heaters are the best. These are economical and efficient and also very compact in size. The tankless water heater gives you access to instant hot water.  

Loaded with various features, each tankless water heater has its own benefits that come along with it. Today most of the water heaters that you get in the market, come with an energy certification in the form of a star rating. Better known as Instant water heaters, tankless heaters are a good choice for small sized homes and bathrooms. They are easy to install, user friendly and easy to maintain. Another good thing about instant heaters is that you can install them indoors as well as outdoors.

EcoSmart ECO 27

While there are various styles of the EcoSmart Eco Tankless water heaters, the Eco27 is one of the best in its series. With this water heater, you can save around 50% of your water heater energy bills. This heater comes with components made from stainless steel and copper making it replaceable, durable and efficient. The compact sized has an advanced designing. It looks very stylish and also helps in saving space. The digital temperature system helps to control the water temperature. It gives you a 24X7 access to hot water.  This A+ quality product comes with a 5 star rating.

Eccotemp L5

A portable water heater, this tankless heater is ideal for those who love to go out in the wild and stay in cabins and campsites. It is user friendly, easy to store as well as lightweight.  It is not just easy to operate but its set up procedure is also very simple. This tankless water heater is equipped with a special slot for a pair of 2 D-Cell batteries. This is the reason why, you can even use it if there is a power cut or when you are outdoors. This A graded quality product has a 5 star rating for its ability to save the consumption of electricity.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG

This lightweight and compact sized tankless heater reflects the art of engineering a small sized product. It comes with a controller that displays the water flow rate, the inflow and outflow water temperature. It is a wall mount design and allows you to customize the settings and temperature that you want. Within a few seconds, you can enjoy your hot water bath without worrying about the power consumption. The energy saving feature of this tankless water heater is ideal for people on a budget. With a rating of 4.5 stars, this A graded product is truly a good choice.

Rinnai RUC98iN

The design of the Rinnai RUC98iN makes it a space saver and allows you to install it anywhere you want.  The condensing technology takes this heater one-step closer to an efficient and energy saving water heater. It is ideal both for commercial as well as residential requirements. RUC98iN comes with a Pressure Relief Valve and isolation valve. You also have the benefit of attaching an expansion tank. And if you want then you can also isolate the side where the hot water flows out. Rated with 4.5 stars, this B+ graded tankless water heater is worth giving a thought.

Rheem RTG-84XLN

This tankless water heater is perfect for outdoors and comes with a remote control for easy operation. With this water heater, you can be sure that you will never run out of hot water thanks to its instant heating facility. This next gen water heater is a certified energy saving heater that runs on electricity. The inbuilt unit and vent makes it a perfect product for anyone to choose.  With a B+ grading and 4.5 star rating, this tankless water heater is all you need for your outdoor heating solutions.

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