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Broo-ver: Broom transformed into vacuum cleaner

Broo-ver by Ben Fursdon

Vacuum cleaners are necessary cleaning tools in houses but their complicated mechanism makes them difficult to be used for daily cleaning purposes. In order to solve this problem, Ben Fursdon, a product designer from Kingston University, has created a simple and user friendly vacuum cleaner called Broo-ver.

As the name suggests, Broo-ver is a broom transformed into a vacuum cleaner. The designer got the idea of creating Broo-ver after he found many cleaners thrown away in a landfill. Fursdon decided to offer people a vacuum cleaner that is much simpler and user friendly. The simple design of Broo-ver consists of a plastic jug that collects the dust and removable filters. Also, in order to prevent the dust from getting blocked in the pipe, all the components have been arranged in a straight line.

As Broo-ver is very simple in its design, owners of this product need not understand the complicated mechanisms of a vacuum cleaner and can easily use, repair and maintain their cleaner. The designer also claims that as the product has very less number of components, the amount of plastic used is also less, thereby, reducing the plastic waste.

The attractive new and simple features of Broo-ver are sure to allure many buyers. Bring the product home and enjoy a hassle-free cleaning daily.

Via: Dezeen