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Christmas decoration is a fun task. But for many of us, it comes with a heavy price tag attached. And since, you just can not do away with the decorations to celebrate the joyful festive spirit, let us bring to you few homemade and inexpensive ways to decorate the room without breaking the bank.

Estimated Cost: Within an estimated cost of $300 you can give a great festive look to your decor. All you need is few old stuff and other inexpensive items to deck up your interiors.

Don’t go broke, Try this Christmas Trees

You can save upon a handful of money by opting for real tree, instead of the artificial ones. This trees can then be replanted in gardens, and bought into use year-after-year.

Christmas tree decoration: The pine cones are the easiest way to decorate the tree. However, photos of the family over the years can give an entirely new look to the decoration. Include baby photos, special events and vacations and see how you get some good complements. You can also make use of cupcakes or ice cream cones for decoration.

Create easy wreath: Make use of leaves, and old stuff at homes to decorate wreaths. Make use of old denims, dresses, or any other unwanted clothes or linens to make Christmas tree decorations.

Candles: Candles are one of the most easy and inexpensive way to create exquisite festive atmosphere. They can be used as centerpiece for dining table, or decorate them all around the room to give soft glow and create focal points throughout the home. You can also make use of old glasses, or jars to display the candles.

Use of paints: Using spray paints on tree branches in gold or silver transforms the, into holiday decorations. It will cost just few pennies, but will definitely enhance the look.

Cards: Make use of old or new Christmas cards for decoration. The cards can be bunched to a string or drape them like a garland across a mantel. You can also cut the cards and make some innovative decoration with construction paper or card stock and markers

Ribbons and Bows: Ribbons and bows are easily and cheaply available, so you can make use of them for decoration. Different colored ribbon can be crafted into pretty bows and added onto curtains, your mantel, table or other furniture to liven up the room.

Lights: Make use of lights to decorate the entire room, as well as the Christmas trees. They are great for inexpensive decoration as well great looks. Try using LED lights as this may cut down the energy bill as well.

Thrifty Tips

• We can make use of fruit slices, or popcorns to make garlands and wreaths. This not only gives a new look to decoration, but also makes them edible after the festival is over.

• Make use of small glass bowl and fill it with small cones or fruits and nuts and keep them on dining table or shelves to enhance the decoration.

• You can also use some old stockings and ornament, and decorate them with ribbons and bow to hang them on mantle, a shelf, fireplace or walls. • Cut snowflakes from white paper and decorate the windows with these snowflakes.

• Also you can give a new look to the house plants by decorating small Christmas ornaments on them.

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