Canape convertible sofa design by Carole Atylia

The modern era is all about modular furniture that can either be kept hidden away until needed, or can multitask to perform more than one function. And so, we see a steady stream of designers attempt to make it big in the field with a range of modular furniture, including beds hidden behind closets, side tables that can be expanded to become dining tables, coffee tables that can double as storage units and sofas that can be rolled out into beds. The Canape Convertible Sofa belongs to the last category, and is literally a sofa that can rolled out to create an instant bed.

The Convertible Sofa

Canape convertible sofa design by Carole Atylia 3

How swell would it be to have a sofa that can function as a bed as well? While a normal sofa would be too small to stretch and move around when sleeping, the Canape Convertible features a mattress that can be rolled out to create an instant floor bed. The mattress in this case, is folded to create the raised cushion seating for the sofa. Once night falls (or whenever you feel sleepy), simply unfold the seating and roll it out on the floor. Voila! Your ultra-comfortable bed is instantly ready.

Design Features

Canape convertible sofa design by Carole Atylia 1

The frame of the sofa also doubles as the headboard for the bed. It is made of natural lacquered pinewood and features a simple and yet, elegant design. The seating which doubles as the bedding is made of 100% cotton and features an ultra-luxurious touch. The stuffing for the mattress features a composition of wool and foam mix.

The mattress is available in the colors of blue, maroon, grey, green, red and white, thus allowing you to choose one according to your preferences. The mattress can be dry cleaned only.

Measuring 190x80x14 cm, the bed can be modulated in a flash according to your needs and desires. So while it functions as a couch at one time, it can be transformed instantly into a bed the next moment. There is no need of rearranging the base frame or any other heavy hauling around work. All you do is roll out the mattress and you are good to go!.

Not many modular furniture pieces do their job as perfectly as the Canape convertible sofa bed from Carole Atylia. Made of pine wood for the base and an ultra-soft and comfortable mattress to sit and sleep on, this sofa bed is clearly a must have for any apartment dweller.

Source : Atylia.Com

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