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Cleaning the shower doors effectively

There are many who love their shower door. Though modern bathroom designs might not really have a shower door, many insist on having one. A shower door also ensures that the water from the shower falls in a limited area and does not make the remaining area of the bathroom wet.

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It is important that the shower door is kept clean always and you will have to spare some time regularly to ensure that the shower door is clean and dry.

Here are three effective ways to clean your shower door:

The basic clean up: The basic cleaning up of shower door is same as cleaning any surface. Since shower doors are exposed to water and moisture daily, it is important that you clean it daily because even if for a day, the shower doors are not attended to, then problems such as dirt and moisture can accumulate, leading to damage of the shower door.

The first principle regarding the maintenance of the shower door is to ensure its daily cleanliness.  All you have to do is remove moisture from the shower door. You can do that by wiping off the shower door with a dry cloth after the use of the shower. A sponge that can absorb water can also be used to keep the shower door dry.

Daily cleaning will not only ensure a dry shower door but will also keep the door devoid of any soap. Daily cleaning and drying of the shower door will also ensure longevity of the shower door. Besides, it will save you time when it comes to thorough cleaning of the door, as a regular wipe of the door will stop most stains from setting in.

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Soap clean up: As it is a shower door, it is a given that soap remnants will be accumulated on the shower door daily. If not fully removed, these can accumulate and cause damage to the door. You can ensure complete removal of soap remnants all by yourself.

In a spray bottle take either diluted ammonia or a solution of fabric softener with water. Spray it on the door and then wipe it off.

Vinegar to use: A simple solution of vinegar and water works best as a cleaner for shower doors. Spray the solution on the door, especially on the frames and tracks, and then scrub it well and wipe it off.

Summary: A shower door is always prone to dampness and dirt accumulation, so cleaning it well is necessary. Just a little bit of daily care can ensure that your shower door remains clean, but follow it up with thorough cleaning at regular intervals.