Corner desks for home office

The option to work from home sure sounds fun, but setting up a dedicated work area can prove to be a daunting task especially if you live in a small apartment. An apt solution to this problem is investing in a corner desk, which won’t take up much space and is definitely a great solution to the problem at hand. Jazz up that working space of your house with corner desks and see yourself enjoying the entire work load like never before. Have a look at the stylish corner desks for home offices, which will use space efficiently while providing a large working space.

Bestar 69430 L-Shaped desk-corner computer desk

Hampton corner computer desk by Bestar will fit perfectly in your home office. The compact L shaped work desk has been fashioned to unfurl a lot of work space, which will bow down to a variety of needs that may arise. The sand granite and charcoal melamine finish ensures necessary protection against all kinds of stains, burns and scratches. The ideal computer desk features a CPU compartment, keyboard trays and ball bearing drawer slides that speak about its utility. Keep all the files and books neatly in the bookcase that has been created below the desk.

New Sherwood Oak Home Office Corner Desk Set

Simplicity rules the design of the New Sherwood Oak Home Office Corner Desk Set. The oak veneer finish oozes warmth that will perfectly blend with just any kind of a setup. It will definitely stand out with plenty of storage space in desk hutch, desk side high pedestal and drawers. The desk top is pretty wide and will offer plenty of space to work and keep all your files. Storing books and files has never sounded so easy, thanks to the glass fronted bookcase that has two adjustable shelves.

Canadian Tire: Sauder Corner Computer Desk

Sauder Corner Computer Desk by Canadian Tire has everything you need to set up a home office in one affordable package. The piece of furniture looks quite spacious and will prove to be a perfect home for your computer. Place it in a corner and save the much needed space at home for other purposes. But the biggest advantage of this design is its cost effectiveness, which makes it worth a steal.

Oxford Corner Work Station

If an efficient use of space with a large working surface is your thing then how can you miss the Oxford corner Work Station! The wooden creation is quite strong and giving it additional durability is hardwood veneer. Place the keyboard easily in a pull out shelf, while the computer can be positioned behind one of the two wood doors. Keep all your office material in 3 drawers that will provide sufficient storage space.

Hampton Bay Corner Computer Desk

The hazel brown finish of the Hampton Bay Corner computer desk will sweep you off your feet, with the excellent design, utility and space efficiency. These three adjectives aptly describe the computer table in a nutshell. Never again will you have to worry about proper spacing and working sparingly. The wooden veneer of the table lends it an expansive glow, leaving it all shiny and beautiful.

Modern Home Office Desk In Retro Style – Matrix

Here is a handsome home office desk that will put forward a striking way to organize your home office. The retro styled desk comes smothered with attractive details and it clean lines pull the much needed attention. Matrix comes caked in high gloss chrome hue, which accounts for its good looks. It comes complete with a mobile desk, L desk and a corner desk. The desk’s sturdy frame gives it sound structural integrity.

Bush A-Series Corner Desk

The design of the Bush A-Series Corner Desk will offer you comfort wrapped in oodles of style. The design of the 48 inch table incorporates the European culture in its hinges, crafted specially for comfortable opening and closing of the cupboards. The outlook is further enhanced with the neat layout and maximum utilization of the given space in the room. Place your things in an orderly way and you’d never have to search for any missing things ever again.

Pine corner computer desk with hutch

Bring a sense of excitement to your home office room with the Pine corner computer desk that comes complete with a hutch. This stylish desk will prove to be the perfect piece of home office furniture and will give you enough space to store things in an organized way. Its roll out keyboard shelf, spacious computer table top, an open hutch and fixed shelving, will make it a lovely addition to your home office furniture.

MySpace Wheaton Corner Desk

The whole table idea of MySpace Wheaton Corner Desk has been crafted to match your convenience. Encapsulated to fit into tight corners, the table will pass all quality standards with flying colors. The rich black color of the MySpace reversible table by Bush will leave you in absolutely no doubt of its true worth. The solid wooden finish is accompanied with a one center compartment and a bottom shelf, allowing you to place your things in a more strategic way.

Hokku Designs Romy Corner Office Table

Compact and sweet, this is what best describes the Romy Corner Office Table crafted by Hokku Designs. This good-looking desk uses space economically while giving you plenty of work surface at the same time. The graceful desk has been fashioned out of black finish solid wood, giving it sturdiness. It can just fit in any given space because of its small size, which makes it just the right thing for people living in small apartments.

TMS Oxford Corner Computer Desk in Natural

If your room is low on space, then TMS Oxford Corner Computer Desk vows to make it look spacious and will create enough room to move around. The amazing piece of home office furniture comes flushed with a natural finish, while the presence of four shelves and a utility drawer will gift you with enough storage space for keeping your files and stationary.

Tvilum Whitman Office Corner Desk in Beech

This understated corner office desk is a convenient design with usable space on both the left and right. Tvilum Whitman Office Corner Desk’s modern lines and beech finish will merrily complement a contemporary setup. It is a great design that proves being placed in a corner is not a bad thing at all.

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