Create a stunning look for your home with mix and match ideas

Mix and match patterns are in these days, as they add a unique but at the same time attractive look to your home. The trend of mix and match is a new concept that we can apply to every nook and co0rner of our home, including kitchen, and enhance the overall beauty of the house.

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If you do not have any idea about the color scheme and selections, here we have explained how to choose perfect mix and match patterns for your home. However, before choosing colors for your home, you need to consider the following points.

  • Basic knowledge of contrast and colors really matters while going for mix and match. Therefore, you should have a fair idea of color and contrast scheme to mix and match different patterns.
  • Choosing theme can help you to get the best look or décor for your house. You should consider the color and interior design before going for mix and match.
  • Mix and match is a new concept and thus, can be risky. You should know the perfect combinations of colors, so that they compliment your home décor to the perfection.

Mix and match ideas for home


Mix and match can help you to renovate your house and make your house look attractive. Here we have some effective mix and match décor ideas for your home.

White and colored patterns

White and colored patterns

Adding white and colored patterns are the best way to go for mix and match in any room, as they allow you to experiment with different patterns. White is the lightest color and adding a dark color like black and dark blue can provide a good color combination, or contrast for that matter. For a more neutral theme, you can go for navy blue and white. You can also use different themes and color combinations or let your imagination go wild.

Natural and large prints

Bold paints

We can take different ideas from the nature, as nothing can be great than adding natural colors to your home décor. Bold and large prints will go perfectly with any type of home décor and are the best way to add natural look to your house. Bold paints equally compliment wooden furniture and can give a raw look to your interiors.

Add your favorite colors


Do not forget to add your favorite colors to the walls, as it will reflect your style. Apart from walls, you can also mix your desired colors on curtains, floorings, and other parts of the house. Mix and match cushions can add an attractive look to your living area. When painting the house, divide the area in separate parts, as it will help you to choose the right colors and paint the house accordingly.

Combine bold colors and prints

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You can experiment with bold colors to add a bold and striking look to your house. Colors like royal blue, red, and yellow are some of the great choice to add an audacious feel to your living area. You can also go for large prints, as they not just look intense but also give a modern look to any house.

Mix and match with everything

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Do not stay limited just with walls and floorings; you can also experiment with furniture, curtains, and even ceiling. Floor to ceiling mix and match designs look awesome and can add a classy look to the house. Mix and match prints are good for small spaces, as they give an illusion of larger space.

Mix and match theme or pattern is a new trend and give a new look, bold look to modern interiors. You can blend different shades and reflect your style statement through your home.

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