Creative And Interesting Tips On How To Maximize Small Space

living room

It is very natural for families to live separately. Due to this, they often prefer to take up a small house instead of a big one. Since the market is filled with smaller sized houses, we need to ensure that we utilize the space that we have properly. Through this blog, you will get a few useful tips on how to maximize small space without making too many changes or additions.

Creating shelves from wooden crates

One of the unique ways to use wooden crates is by stacking them one above the other. You can use this space to store your files and magazines. You can also turn the crates into a bookshelf. If you have a requirement for longer shelves instead of wider ones, you can stack them lengthwise instead of widthwise. This is not only one of the tips to maximize small space but also a great way to put something to use.

Convert your TV unit into an office space

Space is one of the major constraints in a small house. Well now, you do not have to worry about that. You can easily convert your TV unit into an office space. If you are wondering how to maximize small space using your TV unit, this idea is for you. Instead of placing the TV on the unit, you can consider wall mounting it. If there is no option to do so, then just place a small wooden plank (big enough to fit the TV) and use that instead. Arrange all your office things in the cabinet and you are set to go.

Small space design tips for a shoe rack using a bookshelf

Do you have a bookshelf that you no longer use? Do not worry, you can use it as a shoe rack instead. Just place the bookshelf near the door and place all your shoes there. If you do not want to let it be an open shelf, you can cover it with a nice printed curtain. Other option would be to use a laminated sheet or even cardboard paper and decorate it the way you want.

How to maximize small space by making small zones?

This is an ideal suggestion for people living in a studio apartment or just a single room. Instead of having things all around the house, you can create small zones. This will make your space look very clean and spacious. Use the walls to your benefit so that you can place racks or floating shelves. Also, invest in multi-functional furniture like the sofa-cum-bed or the center table with mini stools. To give each space its individuality, you can also use curtains or dividers.

A small tip for the bedroom

The next tip on how to maximize small space is the placement of the bed. If you have a small room, then place the bed in the corner instead of the center. This will help to give you more space and make the bedroom bigger. You can add shelves to the wall instead of having a side table to keep things that you need by your side.

Tips to maximize small space in the kitchen

If the house is small, it is natural that you will have a small-sized kitchen. Well, you can still accommodate storing things as much as possible by making a few changes. For starters, if there is a provision to get rid of one wall, then you can break it and make an open kitchen. This will make the kitchen look bigger. Instead of going for large-sized cabinets, go for smaller and longer cabinets. It is a great way to maximize the kitchen space.

How to maximize small space in the living room?

living room

For people who have a small living room, it is advisable not to go for a full sofa set. Instead of that, you can opt for the L-shaped furniture or multi-functional furniture. As much as possible, use the walls of the living room to your advantage. Keeping less grounded furniture will help to make the living room look big. Long windows will be a better choice instead of small or half-sized windows.

Small space design tips if you have children or pets

When you have kids or pets at home, every little space that you get is important. Children have a tendency to throw their toys all around the house. Create a small toy zone with a multi-functional rack. This will serve the dual purpose of storing things and placing a few decorative pieces as well. For those with pets, you can combine a sleeping space in the form of furniture like the side table.

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