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Design ideas for a functional and lovely Mezzanine

Mezzanines are extremely functional and versatile additions to modern, contemporary houses that have innumerable benefits. These serve to be a wonderful extension to the existing home space and thus are no less than a boon for small apartments offering various storage solutions. Mezzanines transform a place into a warm and welcoming social hub too. Given below are tips to design a fully functional mezzanine and a few mezzanine design ideas.

How to design a working Mezzanine:

Given below are tips and ideas to create a functional mezzanine that would help you have a functional mezzanine.

  1. Make a plan:

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Before beginning to build up a mezzanine you should carefully assess your available space and plan each and every detail. Missing out this step could be a very bad idea since it would end up in building a mezzanine that either takes too much of your space or appears to be extremely congested and fussy thus ruining your entire joy of having a mezzanine.

  1. Assess the space available:

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The amount of space and that you have has a direct effect on the structure and function of your mezzanine. If you own a small house, it is suggested that you do not opt for having one since it would be too narrow. However, if you still are desirous of having a mezzanine you should keep in mind that its size would be smaller than usual and it could be used for limited purposes only like a small reading room or as a tiny home office.

  1. Determine the function of your mezzanine:

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Once you are done with the idea of designing a mezzanine you should determine the purpose for which it would be best useful. Depending on its size, a mezzanine could serve to be anything right from the bedroom to an extended living area to even a small library.

  1. Use proper materials for your mezzanine:

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The strength of the mezzanine is of great importance and hence you should use materials that would make your mezzanine strong and sturdy. Commonly used materials include wood, metal, steel, concrete and glass including grills made from wood and metal.

  1. Avoid higher mezzanines:

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Increasing the height of a mezzanine will not only make it more expensive to build but also increases the risk of accidents. The standard height for a mezzanine should be between 2.7-3 meters.

  1. Review the space above and below:

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There should be adequate space both, above and below your mezzanine so that you can easily move and work with ease. However, if the space below your mezzanine is small, you can use it as a storage space for keeping your things.

  1. Get-at-able stairs:

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While designing a mezzanine the stairs should be such that they can be reached easily and are secure too. You can use trendy stairs if you have a large space. However for smaller areas, spiral stairs are the best since they require less space.

  1. Proper ventilation:

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Your mezzanine should be open and should even bear an insulator to avoid getting too hot and to boost the air flow.

  1. Lighting and furniture:

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Proper lighting is very essential for your mezzanine to serve its best. Lights that you use should be operated both from and below the mezzanine. Furniture, on the other hand, should be very light weight yet highly comfortable to help you have a good time.

A few mezzanine design Ideas:

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  • Use transparent guardrails for your mezzanine to help you have a better view of living area below. Make it complete with a shower and a library.
  • For a refreshing look, color your ceilings with white and choose a dark shade such as grey or blue for your walls. Divide the room with a mezzanine that bears an oversize wooden rail and a few simple yet elegant furniture items.
  • If you own a small apartment and still want to have a separate working area, you can create a mezzanine with a contemporary look. Give your mezzanine the shape and dimensions of a desk, which is accessible with the help of floating stairs.
  • You can even design a mezzanine that serves to be a highly attractive bath area.


With these ideas and design tips, you would surely be able to design and create a highly space efficient and attractive mezzanine that enhances the beauty of your home.