Easy steps to keep your home protected against allergies

People usually believe their homes are the safest, as pollution is only outside in the street. Well, this is a myth because the air inside your home can be easily two to five times more polluted that the air outside your home.

This fact is scary for every family member but even more for the ones who are allergic. The invisible irritants can make it hard for such people to lead a comfortable life in their own home. We have brought some very helpful and efficient tips that you can use to allergy proof your home.

Say no to wall-to wall carpeting

wall carpeting

No doubt, wall-to-wall carpeting looks very lavish and a room feels cozy but coming down to their cleanliness quotient, they are very dirty. Despite the daily cleansing routine you follow, the carpets manage to hide many dust and dirt particles that come up every time you walk over it.

This can have an extremely harmful impact over an allergic person’s health. Discard them at the earliest and install wooden flooring or tile flooring that is easy to clean and helps keep your home allergy free.

Steam cleaning of rugs is must

Steam cleaning of rugs

You shampoo clean rugs at home on a regular basis thinking that you are doing the best to make them clean. Well, if you consider only removal of dust particles a good cleansing process then it is fine but if you want your rugs to get rid of allergens hidden in them, you must steam cleanse rugs on a regular basis.

Proper ventilation is must

window décor ideas (3)

Moisture friendly bacteria such as mold keep awaiting an opportunity to multiply, which they get when you do not properly ventilate your home. Even if you cleanse your home every day but do not open window and doors to allow natural ventilation, you give invitation to moisture that comes in and fills up your home with numerous allergens. This happens especially in bathrooms wherein continuous moisture presence, damp corners allow allergens to multiply.

Make your home dust-proof


Dust is the biggest enemy of allergic people so you must take necessary steps to make your home dust-proof. You should daily dust furniture and shelves with a damp cloth; brush your animal properly and frequently, keep separate shoes and slippers for indoor and outdoor, and use an oiled map to clean the floors every day.

Invest in air filters

air filters

Air filters are necessary if you want to allergy proof your home. Not all air filters are nice but the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters are. They remove harmful dust particles from air with utmost efficiency and do not generate ozone in the atmosphere.

Waste disposal

Woman Scraping Food Leftovers Into Garbage Bin

We are here talking about the food waste disposal in kitchens. Usually people complain there are too many cockroaches in their kitchen and sometimes rodents give guest appearances. Both these things happening in your kitchen certainly can amp up your allergy but it can prove fatal as well.

Waste is the only thing that attracts pests in a kitchen, so ensure you use a proper waste disposal system with a lid that never remains open when not in use. Make sure you keep your kitchen clean with no food crumbs lying here or there and inviting pests.


bedding  1

Your bedding can literally be a storehouse of allergens provided you take required measures to restrict their growth. You should change your bed sheet, pillows, quilt cover and bed cover at least once a week and wash them with hot water. You should refrain using wool or feathered bedding, rather go for synthetic bedding.

With some easy yet very effective changes, you can make your home a better place to live in. Some lifestyle changes and precautions enable you to allergy proof your home.

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